Seven 2 One

Seven 2 One

A modern day Rashomon-esque thriller centered on a convenience store robbery gone wrong - told through the perspectives of seven seemingly unrelated individuals. Even the smallest choices in life have dire consequences.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
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A convenience store robbery goes badly. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seven 2 One torrent reviews

Magnus S (nl) wrote: Forgettable buddy action comedy.

Jamie C (nl) wrote: not bad.. But i thought it would have been better

Margarita S (jp) wrote: This movie heavily relies on charm to make it work. If you don't mind plenty of sweet Hallmark card moments, then you may enjoy this one. Definitely a feel good story and of course, breathtaking scenery.

Rachael D (it) wrote: Like most folks, I can appreciate the beauty of all of God's creatures. I just prefer to admire the majesty of the great out doors with a box of tissues from the comfort (ahem, safety) of my living room sofa. It is hard to muster up pity for the delusional menaces to "human society" that attempt to raise an animal within the constructs of a somewhat typical modern family unit. As the old adage goes: it's all fun and games till your orangoutang/chimpanzee rips off your friends face, appendages, etc... To top it off, this film was extraordinarily boring and poorly edited. Save yourself the time and $$. Perhaps, go to a park and talk to someone obsessed with an animal (doesn't even have to be indigenous to your area or anything crazy), take a swig of Benadryl and then pay said crazy person to poke you in the eye for a few hours.

Michael R (de) wrote: Funny, heartwarming, wonderfully animated and sporting a talented comedic cast. This is a family adventure worth taking. The Lego Movie is one to watch and watch again.

Barbara C (fr) wrote: Jeremy Sisto plays an understated priest very well. He seemed comfortable with the faith depicted in the film and I found that refreshing. There is no love for or condemnation of the Catholic Church and that's also refreshing. Into Temptation (a bad title by the way) shows the Church plays an important role in people's lives and priests struggle with duty, obligation, loyalty, politics like everyone else but with a higher purpose. I had not planned to watch this movie but was drawn in when it came on after something else I watched on cable. I hadn't even planned to watch another movie so that tells you something about it's intrigue. It's very good.

Yuston S (kr) wrote: Quirky, smart, and whimsical at times, Sita Sings the Blues is an animated delight. The dual narratives with contrasting animation styles don't overwhelm the senses, and neither does the story. On one hand you have the life and romantic trouble of an American cartoonist-on the other, you have a charmingly playful retelling of the Ramayana.

Marvin B (kr) wrote: A sweet Japanese high school movie with sincere storyline.

Elena S (mx) wrote: the story pretty funny but not too much

Craig K (au) wrote: Rithy Panh's meditation on the murder-house used in the late '70s by the Khmer Rouge and known as "S21" is one of the great films of the decade. From 'Shoah' forward, the "annihilation stories" echo out their impossibly dumb similarities, with human nature retaining all the grand, infuriating, complex stupidity that time will never shake. 'S21' is an immense aesthetic achievement both despite and because of its 30-frame-video form; both undermines and redeems the term "documentary."

Paula K (es) wrote: An incredible testament to the power of music and dance as part of a revolution.

Cameron E (ru) wrote: Disturbing, raw and visceral; a powerful drama that will stay with you long after the movie ends.

Mohammed A (br) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Ryan W (us) wrote: A fun cheesy 90s action film.

The S (kr) wrote: Terrible picture - give it a miss - it's like watching paint that believes itself to be entertaining dry.

Kelly S (au) wrote: This would make a great double feature with TERROR TRAIN.

Alan C (ru) wrote: Very good documentary that makes you think twice about the food that goes into your body, and how it ultimately affects your health

Scott J (br) wrote: Gotta love the gritty '70's.

Jaden K (us) wrote: The ending was overly convienient, and I didn't like the change in character design. Like all Dreamworks films the CGI is good, but not amazing. Watch it if you like animation, or with your kids. It's a fun dumb children's spy movie.