Seven Ages of Starlight

Seven Ages of Starlight

Seven Ages of Starlight takes us on a journey through the life of stars Stars are at the heart of all life. Humans and all other life forms on our planet - from bacteria in the top of our atmosphere to the creatures in the darkest depths of our oceans - depend on our very own star, the sun. Much of the matter that makes up the known universe comes from stars and is put into motion by their enormous gravity. Even our planet and our bodies are made from stardust forged in the thermonuclear furnace of brightly burning stars.

This is the epic story of the stars, and how discovering their tale has transformed our own understanding of the universe. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rajdeep M (ag) wrote: The music saves this movie!! The music is soo beautiful and has become one of my favourite soundtracks of alltime!! The story line kinda sucked as it didn't seem to go anyway - very choppy and messy story!! but gotta give credit to Anil Kapoor for his role!

Paolo H (it) wrote: The story of Vince Papale will make a huge impression on you... Go Eagles!

Andy (ru) wrote: Wow, this is a fantastic Kiefer Sutherland Film! This Man is one of the Best Actors ever, if not the Best!

elise h (es) wrote: interesting, but the time travel idea is worn out

Darlene M (ru) wrote: Another re-telling of a classic tale through Muppet-vision: lots of jokes & gags, song & dance, and my favourite--the 4th wall break ("He's dead?! This is supposed to be a kids movie!"). The Gonzo & Rizzo team is always fun, and Tim Curry is excellent, of course. I also thoroughly enjoyed the vacationing rats using the ship for a pleasure cruise!

Matt K (ca) wrote: Really shitty, but also pretty entertaining (mostly for the "special" effects).

Leslie D (jp) wrote: St. Patrick's Day pick

Harim K (ru) wrote: robert ryan was really a boxer in college and held the heavyweight title for all four years... so the fights are believable