Seven Chances

Seven Chances

A man learns he will inherit a fortune if he marries -- by 7 p.m. today.

A man learns he will inherit a fortune if he marries. By 7 p.m. Today. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hamad S (es) wrote: Its official this BS movie is the worst movie since the invention of motion picture in 1889. BEYOND HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE AND HORRIBLE

Ethan S (gb) wrote: It took me a long time to finally read John Green's bestselling novel, The Fault in Our Stars. My life was intimately touched by cancer a couple years ago, so I needed time to become emotionally ready to read the tragic tale. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the book was not the tear-jerking cancer story I feared it would be. Yes, it is about kid's with cancer, but the book is more a bittersweet once in a lifetime kind of love story. The genuine characters, sharp writing, and deeper questions of mortality and legacy made for a very strong novel.Fortunately the film adaptation of the novel remains true to the book and manages to capture much of the magic from the text. The film follows Hazel (Shailene Woodley), a teenager who is fighting a terminal case of cancer. She is on an experimental medication that keeps her disease at bay, but she will eventually succumb to her illness. An only child, Hazel spends her days reading, attending college classes, or watching T.V. with her parents. At the insistence of her mother, Hazel finds herself at a weekly support group for critically ill teens.It is at these meetings that Hazel meets Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort), a lanky, attractive, former high school basketball star who lost a leg to cancer. The two form an immediate connection, and we watch as their young love blossoms. They bond over Hazel's favorite book, An Imperial Affliction, and obsess about the book's ending, or lack thereof. Their curiosity leads them to contact the book's author, Peter Van Houten (Willem Defoe), and even travel to Amsterdam to visit with him. A plot twist near the end brings their entire relationship into question and forces the two to face realities neither of them are prepared for.The two leading actors expertly portray the humor, angst, and wonder of two young people falling in love. The stellar performances by each member of the cast helps to elevate what could easily be a cheesy Lifetime Channel romance story into something more. Laura Dern as Hazel's overprotective mother, does a particularly fantastic job as a woman facing the possibility of losing her only daughter. Cancer is a difficult subject to talk about and can easily become morbid and cliche. This film approaches the subject with a respectful lightness and humor, making the tragic elements easier to stomach. There are a couple minor changes from the book, but none of them have a negative effect on the story. Fans of the novel will be pleased that this adaptation maintains the romance, hope, sadness and wit of Green's story.

Kyle G (au) wrote: The movie is too rushed.Not even a hint of subtlety or creative story-telling, compared to the book series at least. Exposition is overboard already in the first 10 minutes.

Daniel T (nl) wrote: It's a solid independent film. Everyone is on par with their acting abilities--especially Terrence Howard. He is great in this him. However, the story isn't as good as it could be. In fact, the back story behind Terrence Howard's character, Hollis, is incredibly interesting. A man who is sterile finds out his wife slept with his brother behind his back, so they could have children together. That is an interesting story. I couldn't take my mind off of it throughout the entire film.

Matt W (au) wrote: Underestimated B-movie that's both thrilling and heartbreaking. Boarding Gate is raw, fast paced and often incoherent. The Gritty, blurred style highlights the idea of a soul in transition, a soul that's been transformed and left to rot by the vicious disease that is capitalistic endevour.

Matt G (fr) wrote: Madagascar isn't good. It's sloppy, half-hearted, clichd, and kind of annoying. However, it's far from awful. The Penguins provide some nice side-laughs, and the arc of Alex the Lion is surprisingly funny. If this is the worst of the Madagascar series (which is often the consensus), then I'm somewhat curious about the sequels.

Jeff S (gb) wrote: Diane Lane. I adore Diane Lane. I like this movie. Richard Gere is great, and Diane Lane is perfect. Tragic but intense story.

Sgt C (au) wrote: (22%) Jackie is on good form but this film contains too many annoying characters, a very sloppy script, silly jokes that make the film feel like a 10 year old boy was behind the camera (boob jokes aplenty and misguided "funny" violence towards women), oh, and a truly dire soundtrack (except for the street fighter scene which is by far the best music in the entire film, says a lot really.)

David P (ag) wrote: I watched this for the very first time last night and now I understand why I've avoided it all these years. This was Thomas Jane's 4 feature film, though he was only in it for like 1 scene. It makes me wonder: Has Albert Pyun ever directed a good movie? Did I like THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER simply because I was about 14 years old when it first came out and was loving R-rated movies for the very first time on this strange new medium called "cable television" that cost like $25.00 a month to get a complete, full package of movies & channels sans The Playboy Channel & Skinamax? On the bright side it did help me fall asleep.

WS W (br) wrote: Typical story plot lines + regular music score for erotic genre (Sousaphone or SEXsaphone!) + some beautiful shots for a film made in the early 1990s will make you ZzZzZzZ...

Cw S (gb) wrote: Incredibly beautiful. And what an amazing metaphor! Top-notch.

La D KoKo B (it) wrote: I want to see this movie. I heard it was good.

Elmer F (ag) wrote: The morose Talbot/Chaney's Wolfman battle's Lugosi's Frankenstein Monster (stuntman Eddie Parker). Ilona Massey make's this pleasant to look at inspite of her unique acting talents.

Michael S (ag) wrote: Made me realize I need to watch way more Lubitsch. This movie was just awesome.

I am A (es) wrote: Longest fucking movie of all time

danny y (de) wrote: This movie made me learn a lot and encouraged me to eat healthier. 5 out of 5 stars!!!

Cricket L (nl) wrote: I had a weird crush on Jerry Reed as a kid...hell, I still do.this movie was dark and awesome as all hell.

James J (gb) wrote: Not bad, considering the limited special effects for its time. Realistic-like storyline, considering that NASA is now admitting that there is water, lifeforms and possibly other Human or Human-like creatures on the other planets in our star system and other star systems.