Seven Days... Seven Nights

Seven Days... Seven Nights

A wealthy and bored woman (Moreau) is witness of a murder in affection and meets another witness (Belmondo). She asks him about the history of the victim and falls in love with him.

A wealthy and bored woman (Moreau) is witness of a murder in affection and meets another witness (Belmondo). She asks him about the history of the victim and falls in love with him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gareth H (gb) wrote: This movie is is a stunning example of integrity and courage. It truly takes an intrepid soul to forge a masterpiece such as this. God have mercy on those who were born without souls, for they are the staunch detractors of this important film.The Hunger Games has got to be the biggest travesty of our generation, and this parody, the scrappy underdog that it is, backs it into a corner and bloodies it up. In the end, the lead-poisoned populace will declare the winner to be The Hunger Games, but the two films know what happened on the battle field. They will both remember who held their ground in spite of all odds and who was valiant only in theory.Unlike the Hunger Games, this film does not try to deceive you by making you feel like you're the only one intelligent enough to understand its social commentary, nor does it rely on the mass retrograde amnesia that made the world forget about The Running Man, Battle Royale, or Stone Cold Steve Austin's film that also shared this tired old concept. This film is unabashedly sincere. It is not afraid to take it's place in hell.I implore all of the lonely, all of the oppressed, and all of the underdogs of the world to see this movie. Those who prefer to have the world against them will find solace in this film. It is a beacon of hope in a world that takes mediocrity much too seriously.

Harry T (ru) wrote: Billy Bob is the shit

hannah m (gb) wrote: i just love this film! the dancing, the romance it was great movie!

Drew N (us) wrote: This touches on an interesting philosophical concept in a simple manner that has been very played out by the film industry. At times the writing seems clever but at other times it seems like it was given little thought. The directing and acting at best is above average while at times it feels uncomfortably campy and artificial. Overall this movie is decent, but I would not recommend it to anyone who is not explicitly interested in the specific subject matter it addresses.

Kasia K (fr) wrote: Interesting because it is based on a disturbing true story.. it wasn't a 'scary' movie, but it freaked me out a bit anyway

George D (de) wrote: One of my favorite HBO movies from my childhood. Dean Cameron is more restrained here than in Ski School but has nice chrmistry with the lovely Ami Dolenz. Release it on dvd!

p b (ag) wrote: I do occasionally like to watch shitty movies just to get a good laugh, but this is not even laughable.

Joetaeb D (br) wrote: Bearing absolutely no semblance to the games it's based on, along with being ineptly directed, written, acted and staged. Alone in the dark is an exceptionally terrible video game movie. But it more than provided unintentional laughter for fans of unintentional humor like me.

Van R (it) wrote: John Barry's music is the best thing about this turgid film that screwed up everything in the Clive Cussler's novel.

Josh J (kr) wrote: Witty humor and a heart warming story. Great chemistry between Van Dyke and Feldon.

Spermian J (gb) wrote: Scrupulous Googums was sated.