Seven Days to Live

Seven Days to Live

A grieving woman suffers terrifying visions of her own demise after she and her husband move into a country mansion.

A grieving woman suffers terrifying visions of her own demise after she and her husband move into a country mansion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James D (mx) wrote: I happened to stumble upon Junkhearts by chance as I had that it had played at London Film Festival so when I saw it was playing at the Curson Renoir I thought I would go along. The film was incredible. The honesty of Frank (Eddie Marsan) and Lynette(TM)s (Candice Reid) relationship was really moving and unlike a lot of British indie films, didn(TM)t take itself too seriously. Although a film of substance, the moments of hope such as the scene in the field where Frank teaches Lynette self defense (which is beautifully shot) and the moments of comedy, particularly in the momentarily staring role of the fish Goldie?, are really uplifting. The balance is perfect and although it isn't the most easy subject matter, the script allowed moments of laughter, which was shared with others in the cinemaEddie Marsan(TM)s performance is breathtaking. As an actor who(TM)s CV is filled with supporting roles, he takes center stage with a natural flare, conveying Frank(TM)s post-traumatic stress in a way that is perfectly subtle. It felt truthful and not at all forced, and I felt sympathy for him. He was easily likable.To counter this, the story introduces Danny (Tom Sturridge), Lynette(TM)s drug-dealing boyfriend. Sturridge didn(TM)t just create a standard, run of the mill villain, which is also credit to director Tinge Krishnan. He created a character that we felt sorry for, as Sturridge created someone who we understood, making it clear why his character, who I don't think was a bad person, was doing what he did. He was just stuck in a bad situation, desperate to get out. This storyline also strengthened the relationship between Frank and Lynette, as we see Frank as someone who can protect her and save her from the world that she has found herself in.If you see one film this year, make it Junkhearts. It is refreshing to see such an honest film, and the cast are exceptional. 5 stars.

William T (fr) wrote: Uplifting and feel good movie. Ken Loach's movie is a good suprise with great performances by Steve Evets and King Cantona.

tenin p (kr) wrote: funny movie. i like kunal khemu in this movie

Shannon M (kr) wrote: This earns 2.5 stars SOLELY for the gorgeous animation and music. Solely. The similarly gorgeous plot and characters from the series, however, are sadly absent. The movie version of this once unique fantasy epic is a huge downgrade to standard depressing and needlessly confusing anime movie fare.

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Julie R (fr) wrote: Trs bon film, j'ai pu travers ce film dcouvrir d'avantage cet excellent groupe que sont les Beach Boys!

Drew E (us) wrote: Robert downey jr. is so surreal in his performance

Kara H (ca) wrote: Little Richard freaking out scenes were great. The movie was okay at best. A little scattered.

Miguel R (au) wrote: With extraordinary performances from Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton, Becket is a compelling historical piece, detailing the relationship between King Henry II and Thomas Becket, even if it can get a bit tedious from its running time

Jayden (de) wrote: this is a really good movie!