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Seven Girlfriends

  • Language:English
  • Release:1999
  • Length:99 minutes
  • IMDB link:Seven Girlfriends
  • Upload time:2017-07-13 14:00:44

It's on to Anabeth's funeral| where he'll see Hannah| and maybe grasp what has
been eluding him. One ex remains furious| but with the help of her
inventive colleague| the level-headed insomniac Laura| Jesse even gets to talk to her. His teen flame| an independent woman who
sometimes sleeps with him| and a group of lesbians give him advice| as does Anabeth| dead but lively in his dreams. He visits each woman about whom he's been serious to ask what went wrong. So| when he and Hannah split up during the same week that a former
fiancée dies| he decides to figure things out. Jesse is charming| romantic| and he knows how to pop the question; he just can't face marriage