Seven Hours to Judgment

Seven Hours to Judgment

A distraught husband kidnaps the judge who freed his wife's killers on insufficient evidence. He gives him seven hours to find evidence that will put them away, or he'll kill his wife.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A distraught husband kidnaps the judge who freed his wife's killers on insufficient evidence. He gives him seven hours to find evidence that will put them away, or he'll kill his wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Seven Hours to Judgment torrent reviews

Marla G (kr) wrote: The boys first foreign film w/subtitles. A real taste of the realities at sea. Superb script of leadership and negotiating skills. Not fantasized by a 1st World view.

Robb Z (kr) wrote: Awesome underrated misunderstood film!

Paul D (jp) wrote: Thoughtful piece on those on the fringes of society for different reasons. Eddie Marsan is an excellent choice for this role, although the secondary story involving the Christine character is underdeveloped and probably not required in the grand scheme of things.

DJ T (ca) wrote: While there were great performances by Najarra Townsend, Jake Abel, & Tye Olsen, altogether a bit of re-casting for the other parts and a re-write of the script could have made this a real contender ! As it is, it plays out like an after-school special for the 16-20 crowd.

Jody B (ca) wrote: Didn't really like this movie.

Guido S (es) wrote: Jennifer Connelly is in a messy divorce and tries to move into a shady apartment because the schools are good in that neighborhood for her daughter. There is a leak in the ceiling which keeps coming back, and when she investigates the apartment above her, it is flooded with dark water and she learns it belonged to a Russian family who had a daughter and they moved out. Her daughter has an imaginary friend who she grows close to. You can see the 'twist' coming I never saw the original Japanese film, so I can't compare, but this one just wasn't that interesting. Once the pieces were set, it was pretty obvious where it was going and it just didn't keep my interest. I'll see if the original is better.

Sam K (us) wrote: saw this at IMAX long time ago indy cars look good on the IMAX screen

BRUNO V (au) wrote: Nicole got in better papers with me the last year ...Good one !

David F (ag) wrote: I need to see this again.

Rob M (fr) wrote: Not only does this film succed by a great performance by Douglas, a terrific score, an excellent script, and pulse pounding cinematography, but Lonely are the Brave especially succeeds with its deep and though provoking symbolism. Truly a must see before you die.

John P (fr) wrote: Great detective spoof, great cast, and some of Bob Hope's funniest shtick. Long live vaudeville style humor.

Michael S (ru) wrote: I'm not a fan of this type of film but i saw it on TV & just had to get it. If you accept the story this film is brilliant, i couldn't fault the fighting & it was pretty gritty & not over the top as in most kung fu flicks. Sit back, don't expect too much & just enjoy, i personally loved it. The language is pretty foul my girlfriend has just reminded me but i couldn't care less!

Tor M (gb) wrote: Saw it during a small pre-party. Never gave it a lot of attention, but it was on from start to finish and I picked up most of it.Portman and Skarsgrd was the few highlights here. Not because of they're acting, but since they are cool people. Other known actors here as well. Swell.Overdone CGI, too much of it. The story is all over and a mess. Don't got much else to say really, never paid that much attention to it, but if it had been better I surely would.3 out of 10 CGI Tnsbergs.