Seven Minutes

Seven Minutes

A true story about Johann Georg Elser, a quiet carpenter who tried to assassinate Hitler with an explosive device in 1939.

A true story about Johann Georg Elser, a quiet carpenter who tried to assassinate Hitler with an explosive device in 1939. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carla F (de) wrote: Absolutely Boring and made no sense!!! 10 Thumbs down!!

Russ B (au) wrote: 6/16/2016: A pretty decent movie with a great cast.

Sarah C (ca) wrote: Intelligent plot that doesn't quite gel in this average HK cop thriller.

Deven T (es) wrote: This film, like most film adaptations of books is faithful adaptation of a children book and displays the true themes of adventure, drama and comedy through the viewer's eyes. It's in some ways even better than the book. Great acting, filming, directing and great soundtracks.

Jamie C (ca) wrote: A pretty decent British horror film with some good action scenes plenty of gore, Some nice humour thrown in, The story has been done before but it's great heart pounding film.

Tim W (ca) wrote: True account of friendship and kids behaviour.

Steve B (au) wrote: Lord Byron and Mary Shelley in Switzerland by the Leman Lake having a fright night to be remember with lots of kitsch and baroque twists. This is purely Ken Russell stuff and if you can't stand it, just don't bring this DVD home.

Todd S (it) wrote: [font=Times][size=4]1978 US Director: Joel M. Reed[/size][/font][font=Times][size=4]Score: 4[/size][/font][font=Times][size=4] Considered by many to be a ?cult classic? I feel that title is over used now-a-days, and this is one of the films it is over used on. I?ll admit, many parts of this movie are so ridiculously bad, so eye-rollingly stupid, that it made me chuckle. I don?t see that as a qualification for ?cult hit? status. This film was straight up sexploitation horror and nothing more. The effects used to achieve its ?shocking? scenes of gore were not bad for the era it was made in, but not cutting edge even in that day. The story has some interesting elements in it, but also some gaping logic holes. The soundtrack is useless and even worse at times than useless, it reaches into the category of annoying. Most of the acting from the majority of the cast is unintentionally funny due to it being so cheesy. As a genre curiosity this one might deserve the attention of hard core horror fans, otherwise it is a total waste of time.[/size][/font][font=Times][size=4] [/size][/font][font='Times New Roman'][size=4]Notes: XV-XL-GN-SV Suggested Age: Adults Only[/size][/font]

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Tony V (ru) wrote: Ehhh.. Bad quality and Bad actors it would be better with Tim Allen