Seven Minutes in Heaven

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Natalie allows her classmate Jeff, who ran away from home after a fight with his stepfather, to stay at her place while her father is away on a business trip. Natalie soon starts dating Jeff's friend James Casey, who isn't as faithful as she thinks, while her best friend Polly falls in love with baseball player Zoo Knudsen.

Natalie Becker, a beautiful A-student, is staying home alone Together and apart, the three 15-year-olds learn much about life, maturity, and love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sajib K (de) wrote: Based on a narrative by a little boy (a true story of a person's childhood), this movie portrays the unjustified and unethical use of children in the civil war of El Salvador. Suffering of civilians is an inseparable part of any warfare; it is more pronounced specially in a civil war. No one can forget the horrifying, macabre depiction of the violation of human rights in the films like "Hotel Rwanda" or "Schindler's List". But this film is different in the sense that it narrates the war from the point of views of the children, the innocent ones. Its about a country which is torn apart in decade long internal riots between the ultra corrupted national army and misdirected guerrillas and where innocence gets inundated by incessant sounds of the firing of machine guns, rocket shells, tanks and where kids get higher familiarity with bullets rather than books. Twelve year kids were forced to take guns and army uniforms and whoever tried to truant were being mercilessly shot to death by the government employed protectors. There was no escape for the young male ones, either they end up with the team with the uniform or they join the rebellions; kids were destined to undertake guns in this ill-fated regions. Despite this harsh situation, there were sparks of free spirits of newbies questioning and protesting the injustice; trying to rip the shackles with their seemingly blunt yet strikingly sharp shaw of childish innocence. The director made a magic by binding bleakness, atrocities, virulence with the sweetness of the young souls. The scripts is well supported by a impressive cast, riveting visuals and pacing storyline. Overall, its a tribute to indomitable, passionate childhood spirits and a strong voice against child abuse in war. Extremely emotional, heart-melting !! Disturbing yet Definitive !! A must-watch !!

Joshua L (au) wrote: typical action movie, thats enjoyable

Tero H (kr) wrote: van Damme vs. the kids - a predictable 80's Karate Kid clone!

Paul D (gb) wrote: Mysterious, then interesting for the love triangle that emerges in this film. It just doesn't have a satisfactory ending.

Steve J (fr) wrote: I guess a lot of people would find this movie written and directed by Clive Barker sort of hokey, but it's always creeped me out. I love Scott Bakula, and it's nice to see him in the unusual role of Harry D'Amour, Barker's perennial character, an ecumenical private eye with an affinity for the strange and preternatural. On an assignment in LA, he stumbles onto a conspiracy to bring a deranged cult leader with malevolent powers (Daniel von Bargen) back from the dead. Cult murders, impalements, skinnings, and various other parlor games are placed alongside 40s noir tropes in a heady, sexy mixture that will appeal to fans of Barker, but may prove a bit too baroque for casual tastes. With the exception of Bakula and Bargen, and Barry Del Shannon as an especially devout member of the death cult, the characters are either uninteresting or miscast (Kevin J O'Connor is not a sex symbol, which is what the part really needs). Moreover, there is some wonky CGI on display. The finale really delivers though; Barker throws everything at you but the kitchen sink, and by god, he makes it work. It's pretty great stuff if you're into horror. Check it out!

Spencer H (de) wrote: A very excellent, thrilling and contained film with great performances and a great script. Tarantino is master of film.

Rendan L (gb) wrote: Stylish, well directed, and snappy. Snatch is fun but is a classic example of style over substance with an overstuffed and convoluted plot. Grade: B-