Seven Seconds

Seven Seconds

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1999
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  • Country:UK
  • Director:Jon Felix
  • Writer:Paul Lucas

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Seven Seconds torrent reviews

C J (de) wrote: Slow but worth it. A great choice when you need a tear jerker.

Mathieu L (mx) wrote: Trs bon film, a voir absolument

Lansden S (us) wrote: Good ending but its a pain to get there

Huw G (ru) wrote: Fails utterly to live up to its potential, without being terrible either.

Daniel F (nl) wrote: Slow, lyrical, on the metaphysical and philosophical side as well, but poorly executed, poorly played and unconvincing to the point of complete boredom.

Rangan R (fr) wrote: The war of the brothers ended by one of theirs son.The time travel is not new to Indian cinema, but a very less explored concept. Especially technology easily available in todays world, the filmmakers utilising the opportunity at their best. With this kind of theme, Indian films can seek the global market, who is already the number one film producer in the world. But it needs to put a full stop for the traditional narration and characters and character developments. Like the father and son characters are played by the same actor which has not changed since the last 70 years or so. And the film length as well too long to sit for it. Other than these, I enjoyed this film.So the story begins in the 1990 where the twin brothers go for each others throat for a watch, in which the event finally ends in a total disaster. But not until 26 years later when it reaches for one of theirs son's hands, letting us know it is a time travel device. Then the fun parts, as well as the romance undertakes, until the final act where it becomes serious again and concludes with a twist. The sequel is for sure, they already named it 'Decoded' and I'm looking forward for its official launch.It was a well written script, but there are too many naturally occurring intense scenes like the bird scenes et cetera. Those were added just to cover up the loops. Since it's a sci-fi and time travel theme, the errors should be taken care or minimise them as much as possible and that's what the writer did. But still there a few silly stuffs like where the watch ends at the end, and adding years and months to the device without the scientific knowledge to make it work.But still I felt the director of 'Yaavarum Nalam' did a wonderful job. He spent nearly a decade for this script, the hard work finally paid off well. Surya produced it under his 2D entertainment banner and performed so well in the triple roles with the support of other excellent actors. Definitely a great watch for the Indians, for the International audience as well, but a familiar theme makes it a decent entertainer.8/10

Yi L (au) wrote: Not better than the book, but still kind of nice to watch.

Adam J (de) wrote: a horney monkey on the rampage, good film but watch the bit where he lifts up a van its soooo realistic!!!!!!!!

Sarah C (kr) wrote: This was quite a visual journey, however I hated the really distracted me from the visuals. Sill a great watch but I prefer others to this one.

Penelope B (fr) wrote: Watching a film like this 25 years after it was made makes it a bit difficult to rate. I'm sure it would have received more stars if rated 25 years ago and may possibly receive more in 20 years when it can be called a classic.In a day and age where divorce is "normal" it is not easy to understand the problematic that came with it in the 70s.An interesting film for real film fans but probably not so much for those after good modern entertainment.

Na D (it) wrote: Watched it in high definition yesterday. Flashing! Elvis is so beautiful and there are nice songs in this movie. Really, really good.

Ryan M (it) wrote: Way more realistic than the teenagers sporting guns type apocalyptic action films.

Christian H (br) wrote: I'm guessing this film franchise was a moderate hit for its time and this spinoff isn't bad for something made in (2009) but it didn't really wow me but it was solid enough I guess as a filler, but Michael Sheens acting is commendable.