Seven Servants

Seven Servants

An elderly man wants to exit earth in a state of unity with all creatures. To that end, he hires a quartet of manservants to plug his facial orifices with their fingers.

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Drew R (nl) wrote: Wtf I already saw and reviewed this. Oh well, I watched it a second time and about 1/3 in realized I had seen it before. J Law and Felicity are wonderful, but it's not that thrilling. If anything, it's another reminder that hot guys get hot women and do lovey things that average guys like myself don't get to experience. #bitter

Kurt C (it) wrote: Not a bad movie! Zac really did an excellent job I thought. The story was a little odd, but it was a nice film.

Al M (br) wrote: This homage to the films of Herschell Gordon Lewis (it even features him in cameos) starring David Hess (Last House on the Left) and former porn star Sasha Grey never quite manages to develop enough gore and craziness to fully capture the attention of a fan of such films. Instead, it plods along without ever developing anything original to remember.

Kevin (au) wrote: Afterschool is filmed and paced in a very simplistic manner, which might be why the film has a haunting feeling. As a director I have never heard of Antonio Campus, but this film has peaked an interest into what other films he might have directed. However, this film did leave me wanting more. With the simplistic approach subplots were touched on and never really examined or resolved. In the end this film could have been more.

Johnny R (ru) wrote: dear John has its good moments . and has some very intriguing bad moments too. Although with a decent cast and really bad come through ending dear John is watchable. but is it good enough to watch again? Channing Tatum delivers and saves what could've been a disaster . so with that saying 2 1/2 ?? out of 5 is reasonable

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Jamisa D (kr) wrote: Nice Film, especially if your into to old days and knowing how black people where treated like shit!!!

Dan H (jp) wrote: Weird role for Robbin, but alright movie.

Dganit P (fr) wrote: Any one with even one drop of revolutionary urge should see this movie.Any one that ever doubt the possibility of change should see this movie.hell you know what? anyone should watch this movie.this guy (Abbie Hoffman) knew 3 things: 1. to talk 2. to know what he was talking about 3. to have FUN!Really, i read the court house testimony of his trail, this man is smoking! (in more ways then one)could be better as a movie but the story is good & important enough to get over that fact and just listen and learn how its done.learn how 2 stop a war!learn how 2 make a fun revolution!

Ken D (au) wrote: This one kind of surprised me as I didn't think it was going to be that good. Not too bad of acting and it had some really funny moments. There were times when it would get a little stupid, but I can live with what I saw and say that I enjoyed it.

Brandon B (au) wrote: A fun little caper. Runnin' from the cops, runnin' from the bad guys.

Timothy C (it) wrote: Gritty cop drama. Nice companion piece to Lumet's PRINCE OF THE CITY and Q&A.

CJ C (br) wrote: How I loved this flick as a kid. I adore George Hamilton & due to his terrible acting I think hes always funny in any role he plays lol.

kkl10 a (es) wrote: Throne of Blood (Kumonosu-j?, 1957) - 8,5Magical film from Akira Kurosawa. The japanese director made Macbeth, play by Shakespeare, the pseudo-script for this film temporally set in Sengoku period in Japan. Very inspired cinematic glance at the eternal tale about the thirst for power led to the limits of sanity and self-integrity of men. "Throne of Blood" easily transports me into a dreamlike, haunted world but there are a few dragging moments that distract a bit. The nature of the acting is ludicrously caricatural as was customary in this period, this brought good and bad things to my experience but in the end I always like it because everything has a way to flow coherently in old Japanese cinema for which I've been lusting these times. Beautiful film, recommended!

Alain G (us) wrote: Zeker het zien waard, rauw, ruw en realistisch... Goede actie en je leeft mee met het hoofdpersonage omdat het morgen ook bij jou kan gebeuren. Doen!

Corey K (nl) wrote: A Team has Their differences...Individually they're weak..Stronger when they work together...Stronger when they build each other up than tear the other down

Jennifer B (ru) wrote: WON for best documentary short

AJ S (es) wrote: This is a weird movie.

Thomas F (kr) wrote: The movie was very good and the acting was good. The music was great but the lyrics needed work. When it was made into a musical, all the good things about the movie came with a better Tony Award winning score. This movie had a lot of heart an I really enjoyed it, but it does have room to improve. That's what it did when it became a musical.