Seven Swords

Seven Swords

Seven warriors come together to protect a village from a diabolical General.

Seven warriors come together to protect a village from a diabolical General. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul J (it) wrote: one of the most boring pile of crap I have ever seen

Zechariah S (jp) wrote: Si ce n'est que c'est parfait.

Tammy T (de) wrote: I agree with Lady's comment....I still watched and enjoyed despite the little spoiler.

Andy L (it) wrote: Life in a horror movie..

Francis M (nl) wrote: The story has so much going for it, humanity, nature, our role to live in harmony, and so on, but the Director went off on a tangent focusing on pointless stereotype characters full of meaningless scenes, ended up with a mixture of 'Cuckoo's Nest', 'Shawshank' and Gorillas in the Mist ! losing its way scene by scene. Hopkins role was wasted, with Cuba looking like an amateur out of depth beside a true actor.I still like the story... ;)

alex f (br) wrote: a great little indie/brit flick from the early 90's that proved good writing was all you needed.

Jennifer K (ru) wrote: Love bio-pics, but good Lord gracious me this was slow-goin'! And dude, when Bambi got shot - NOT COOL!

Byron B (nl) wrote: Let's try this one again. Another review Flixster did not save. This one was made a couple years before Dracula A.D. 1972, but I watched it last in the DVD 4 pack my friend lent to me. The story is really quite similar to A.D. 1972, however I don't think this one is done as well. A brief scene is recycled from Dracula Rises from the Grave and we are shown that an extra character was present to watch Dracula's demise. This braggart gathers some relics from the ashes, which come into play later. Hargood (Keen), Paxton (Sallis), and Secker (Carson) are three middle aged men, who pretend to be upstanding members of society, but who have formed a secret club to experiment with the seedier side of life. The R rating is mainly for a scene of depravity in a whorehouse. They make a deal with Lord Courtley (Bates), who they hear knows something of the black arts. And just like Johnny Alucard in A.D. 1972, Courtley performs a demonic ceremony to bring Dracula (Lee again) back. Dracula seeks revenge on all three men's families. Hargood, who is almost more of a villain than the vampire, has a daughter named Alice (Hayden). Secker has a son named Jeremy (Jarvis). And Paxton has a son named Paul (Higgins) and a daughter named Lucy (Blair). Alice and Paul are dating and Lucy and Jeremy are dating. This younger generation acts much like the young people in A.D. 1972, but granted with the customs of an earlier century. There are a lot of unlikeable characters and the performances are not that good. Paul is again the name of the hero. The action at the end and the fact that Dracula basically falls to his own delusions were less than spectacular.

Lori B (br) wrote: I'm quite a Luis Buuel. I enjoy his sarcasm, wit and casual blasphemy. I was terribly amused when he ran a herd of sheep through a Church in Exterminating Angel. In Viridiana, he iconically recreates the Last Supper using uncouth, ignorant peasants in place of Christ and his Disciples. Excellent satire.

Facebook U (kr) wrote: Weirdly boring, in spite of well realised effects and some hammed up villainy. The fellow with the skeletal tattoos who has appeared prominently in the posters and such literally only has one or two lines, has a screentime of less than a minute, and has no bearing on the plot.

Priscila C (de) wrote: I loved this movie! Especially the chemistry between Lily and Sam.

Emily W (nl) wrote: A film that overcomes its technical imperfections with strong performances and a masterfully told story.