Seven Up!

Seven Up!

A group of British children aged 7 from widely ranging backgrounds are interviewed about a range of subjects. Director Michael Apted plans to re-interview them at 7 year interviews to determine how their lives and attitudes have changed.

A group of seven-year-old British children from widely ranging backgrounds are interviewed about a range of subjects. Director Michael Apted plans to reinterview them at seven-year ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Prattay S (gb) wrote: crap. but I'm pretty sure the director did a good job

Matt M (gb) wrote: Despite it occasionally slipping into melodrama, Guagagnino's film represents a welcome return for Italian cinema to Visconti's lavish portrayals of upper class decadence and the alienation and disenchantment of Antonioni.

Steve J (es) wrote: I liked this movie. It was really funny when I first watched it. But its still good. At first you'd think it'd be a lot like good burger, but it really wasn't. its worth watching.

William R (ru) wrote: Jim Carrey does his best here but the story looses it's intrigue by a cliche twist

Steve Z (ru) wrote: Weird, and strangely erotic. Interesting premise, one which wasn't quite developed fully. There were different aspects of the intriguing notion that should have been furthered, like life after the Decision, or adapting to people knowing of the secret affliction. But overall, something to watch, if nothing else.

Sherry M (fr) wrote: Another movie that looks good but doesn't go anywhere. Like the book - but didn't get the point. Penelope Cruz didn't do much. Matt Damon O.K. Henry Thomas dull.

Lynn M (jp) wrote: i love this movie! so great

Scott C (de) wrote: Really unique thriller. Very much of its time.

Jess H (it) wrote: How could they do this to Babar?

Terry W (fr) wrote: funny film..Nolte is hillarious

Sean R (mx) wrote: This movie stuns me.

Thangadurai K (ru) wrote: Great movie based on true incident.

Matthew J (it) wrote: It has a great initial premise and the film is effective at building tension, but it relies too heavily on sexist (and racist) characterization, and by the end it devolves into a generic and silly confrontation between mother and intruder.

Pany H (kr) wrote: Easy Sunday afternoon watching, a little heart and a little camp never hurt anyone.