• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:12 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Seventeen 2003 full movies, Seventeen torrents movie

A shy seventeen-year-old construction worker tries to hold his own in the macho world of roofers . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Seventeen torrent reviews

Mark C (mx) wrote: Sappy and I loved it!

Haylie K (ag) wrote: She got into vet school just because she was able to talk to the animals and her dad was famous.. that drew the reality. But the overall, it was alright.

Pamela D (es) wrote: FUCK THE NEW FLIXSTER

Simon D (au) wrote: Could this be the first non-comedy that Woody Allen has made? I think so. It's not a bad film, a good cast and story but I think that a lot of Woody Allen fans would be expecting something different.

Laurie T (au) wrote: good hearted road movie, not the best Argentine road movie I've seen recently, but enjoyable. The grandmother is charismatic, and her two daughters are troupers. The gordo driving the camper is long-suffering. The romantic triangles are a bit predictable, but the scenery and the car breakdowns are entertaining.

Sven O (it) wrote: Decent stoner comedy.

John W (ag) wrote: Good acting. Visually appealing. Too bad I can't say the same about the storyline. Farewell River.

Brian O (nl) wrote: Love this cheesy movie.

Elvira B (ru) wrote: Everything about Le Souffle au Coeur felt familiar to me. Louis Malle managed to make a film that plays like a memory, like something you would remember from more than thirty years ago.Late 1950s. Laurent belongs to a bourgeois family in Dijon. His mother is an Italian refugee, a sort of Sophia Loren, dazzling and free-spirited in love and motherhood. His father is a stern man, profession: gynecologist. Laurent loves jazz, particularly Charlie Parker, and literature, especially Albert Camus. His two older brothers are reckless, constantly annoying him -although within a certain complicity-. They introduce him to household mischief, tobacco, and girls, express radical political opinions at the dinner table, and seize every opportunity to get drunk.One day, Laurent falls sick with a "murmur in the heart" and has to go off to get a 'cure' in the country. There he must confront many issues that he can no longer ignore with the excuse of 'childhood', including sex, jealousy, and his atypical relationship with his own mother.All of the performances are incredibly natural and accessible, and although some characters can be very annoying their credibility makes them wonderful. This is all thanks to the fine script, based loosely on some of Malle's personal experiences, like Au Revoir les Enfants. The film is written so consistently that even the most scandalous of conclusions happens in an unaggressive way, as though all along we'd been taught to comprehend. In the end I felt as if I had lived through the events myself and, in spite of its 2 hour run I never lost interest.The art direction, music and cinematography envelop Le Souffle au Coeur in beautiful details and a golden light; there's always soaring jazz music, and no matter what is happening on the screen, there's a warmth and beauty and tenderness to it. And indeed the film takes on many uncomfortable subjects with great honesty; some of the content is actually very shocking and certainly taboo, even today. But as I mentioned, everything appears like a memory: something you can't change and can't help but look upon with understanding eyes. Not once is judgement passed or is a point of view betrayed. A real masterpiece of filmmaking, the perfect marriage of literary and visual narrative.

Oona B (mx) wrote: i can watch over and over again, and never get bored with it!

Russell H (jp) wrote: The amazing cast does a great job. Mostly a court drama but the actors were so good that the pace was fine. Great movie!

Jojo H (jp) wrote: Was a very entertaining movie, and once it got going it never felt boring at all.

Brad S (kr) wrote: Great Hitchcock film that I had only seen once before, so I enjoyed watching it again. A tennis pro with marital problems is approached on a train by a stranger who offers to kill his wife if he'll return the favour by killing his father. Hitchcock is such a master of these types of stories that it really just moves along, and is still enjoyable 60years later. Highly recommended!