Seventh Code

Seventh Code

Akiko, a young woman, comes to Vladivostok to meet Matsunaga, a young businessman she has met in Tokyo only once. Akiko finally finds Matsunaga. However, he leaves her again, warning her not to trust strangers in a foreign country. She tries to follow him, but she is attacked by thugs and dumped on the outskirts of town.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:60 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Japanese,Russian,English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Seventh Code torrent reviews

Jean d (au) wrote: Histoire loin du Livre Mes une bonne adaptation!!

Monster (it) wrote: After successful photographer Romain is diagnosed of cancer, he starts taking his last photos. It is shaking, how strong you can feel that emotion, the knowledge that you, who are going to die soon, are looking at young people who have a whole life ahead of them. He takes shots of families on the grass, the last view of his lover, grandmother and sister, the sea - and with every one you can feel he is coming closer to death. His ways of acting slowly change as he comes to terms with it and finally says his goodbyes. An unexpected in a cafe event gives the movie an interesting touch, but I feel some scenes were inappropriate or useless (such us the use of dugs). I did enjoy it and was surprised about how strong I felt some moments, almost as if I was in his place. I recommend it for a quick, brief but incomplete review of dying and knowing about it.Romain: In my dreams I sleep with anybody. My father, my mother ... even with myself when I was a kid. I think I'm trying to feel good before dying.

Alexandro B (br) wrote: People in fat suits is ALWAYS funny to me! I like this!

Lytrell K (gb) wrote: that movie rocks the house homy

Swayamdeep S (mx) wrote: "Meet the parents" ? eh no it is "House full" & it is pathetic , lame & idiotic

Karin J (br) wrote: Funny and good norwegian movie:)

Dave C (au) wrote: Ah a glorious creature feature with all the usual ingredients to make it an entertaining film. We start off with the usual animal experiment that we know will end in disaster. In this case it's a spider flown into space and injected with alien DNA, but the mission all goes wrong when a solar flare goes off and results in the spider causing the shuttle to crash. If you enjoy creature features as much as me, then I really suggest you give this a go as the special effects although not the best certainly do the job as both CGI and puppetry. The last fifteen minutes of the film where the giant spider goes on the rampage is brilliant (it's a shame it doesn't last longer), and pays wonderful homage to the giant creature B-movies of the fifties where the beastie is running amok killing people and everyone is just running around screaming, including the close-up of a woman screaming and the ever popular cop devouring scene. One of the best lines in the film is when one of the characters refers to their situation as 'being like a bad sci-fi movie'.

Rawballs B (jp) wrote: Funny and if you understand who is Mr. Bean you will feel the story... =D

alex f (mx) wrote: yeah, it was alright... kinda messed up story with a few turns and some funnys bits... the main kid just annoyed me a bit too much for me to really get into it (too much character and risk taking for a normal 13 year old).

David J (gb) wrote: A total guilty pleasure.

James C (ag) wrote: A worthy follow on to the original even though the plot line is weak. In the end its just more of the same which wasn't a bad thing

Orlok W (fr) wrote: Handsomely produced western in gorgeous WideScreen color--A fine outdoors action western... A Bronson Breakthrough!!

Terri M (gb) wrote: This film may be an oldie but it sure is a goodie.. :)

Brandon S (fr) wrote: I had no idea that Katherine Hepburn was Chinese. In fact, the majority of the oriental roles in this film was played by caucasian. How odd...

Richard L (mx) wrote: Pretty terrible for the classic title and claims of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The actual transition between Jekyll and Hyde that is meant to kill Lanyon was absolutely disappointing. Not to mention Hyde wasn't horrifying at all, just looking like a man with sleepless nights. And most of the movie surrounded the court case and he tore up the envelope. Utterly disappointed, not to mention Utterson being replaced by a girl.

Gareth K (gb) wrote: some big bastards. #gcb

Kevin S (br) wrote: Playing in real time, The Setup is the story of a washed up prizefighter looking for one last shot at glory. According to IMDb, the screenplay was actually based on a poem about a black boxer named Pansy Jones. The author, Joseph March, was reportedly unhappy about his character being changed to Stoker Thompson, a white man.Unlike most films about boxing, the fight scenes here seem raw and unchoreographed. Robert Ryan (who, by the way, was a boxer at Dartmouth) is completely believable in his portrayal and director Robert Wise manages to make the dark tension of the piece tangible. You can almost feel the punches and smell the sweat.

Aalok D (ag) wrote: A tragicomedy with a happy ending - of sorts. Every now & then the story begins to lag or you wonder whether they've gotten something wrong somewhere with the casting or the acting. But the moment you suddenly see the -- yr forward skip & you see the nice house & John Travolta sleeping next to her, you know you're in for a good ending. And the last half hour really performs, as opposed to the lacklustre oddball beginning.

Carlos M (fr) wrote: Another spectacular must-see by Argentinian master Juan Jos Campanella, with great performances, especially by Ricardo Darn, in an exceptional crime thriller about obsession and passion with those fine doses of humor and romance that Campanella loves so much.

Matt H (nl) wrote: Fun debut from Robert Zemeckis. Having watched Detroit Rock City randomly a week or so before seeing this, I Wanna Hold Your Hand clearly shows what that movie did wrong with this type of plot and IWHYH gets mostly right. It's a silly movie, but still well made and entertaining.