Ziege, Sven and Haeschen are the best of friends - bound together by their non-excisting relationships with girls. When they discover a plant that produces a kind of fluid to stimulate your sex drive, they set out to enter a contest. Will they win the contest of "Who's the coolest guy in town" and get lucky in love? And what if love comes from unexpected places?

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Charlie D (ag) wrote: It pertains very conventional romantic movie attributes even while its improvised. Tends to contain aggravating moments when it switches tone where I feel the improvisation is faltered. Yet still the main actors do feel as if in real life they have a solid connection.

WS W (ru) wrote: Basically I like watching all kinds of period, Imperial Harem drama, as long as which are interestingly written. Unfortunately, this is not the one.

Frances H (au) wrote: Sweet but melancholy interconnected tale of mothers and daughters, and their impact on each others lives, movingly told with heart-felt performances by an outstanding cast.

Larry W (gb) wrote: It isn't A Fish Called Wanda, obviously. The humor is far more broad and the story meanders quite a bit. But it's still pretty funny and the premise is kind of brilliant in its simplicity.

Paul S (au) wrote: Owned by Rod & Sigrid. A period romantic film that reaches deeply into the lives of it's characters. A bit demure at times, but it comes across overall as a pleasant and entertaining study. Nice Italian villa, nice location.

Matthew O (au) wrote: Best Supporting actor 1987

Ben R (mx) wrote: Essential early 80's exploitation viewing. This really benefits from repeat viewings and is such a wonderful 2nd early film from new comer at the time Abel Ferrara.

Andrew I (kr) wrote: Whilst this may not quite reach the heady heights of the Dollars trilogy, this is still a very good spaghetti western. Most of the great elements are there - the Morricone score used in various guises throughout, the same grubby non-Hollywood look and feel, Lee Van Cleef is his usual self, Cuchillo Sanchez makes a great villain and a decent plot that ends with a big showdown. Sollima may not be Leone, but he's capable enough. I enjoyed this much more than I expected to, especially as the version I watched kept slipping into Italian 'ogni tanto'. With a bit of digital remastering and a few audio repairs, this could be pretty great.

Valerie M (it) wrote: Didn't hold my attention. I'll have to rewatch it someday when I'm less distracted.

Augustine H (au) wrote: The repeated sex scenes are tiring and pathological. Ewan McGregor should definitely consult a psychiatrist here.