Sex and Breakfast

Sex and Breakfast

Two young couples using anonymous sex as a catalyst to fix their troubled relationships must rethink what makes a connection work.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:jealousy,   fight,   hotel,  

Two young couples take a swing at handling their relationship problems through psychologist-prescribed partner-swapping. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samitha B (nl) wrote: there is nothing to complain about this, nothing to praise either

CW M (de) wrote: ok patt scanlan get off my back, i watched your movie (what has it been? 5 years? my queue moves slowly). i'm no fan of film noir and so the cheesy narration and tinkling piano of the first 10 minutes didn't bode well for me. luckily, that all went away and the movie settled into a very engaging story of crime on the run. surprisingly, the one thing i didn't buy in this movie was salma hayek - she tried to bring the crazy and just kinda failed. salma you know i still love you, its nothing personal. and thanks patt, i dug it :)

stefn birgir s (ru) wrote: British rom-com with Hugh Laurie and bit parts by some great british comedians. Nothing special, and very unmemorable.

Spencer S (jp) wrote: The main word that truly describes this film is gross. Everything about this film is off-putting, over-the-top, and frightfully grotesque. This ranges from the digital format and lack of cinematography to the animatronic performances from the cast. The first thing that you're hit with is the bothersome way both Alig (Culkin) and St. James (Green) are represented in the film. Both of them have airy, worthless personalities, and are shown as dramatic homosexuals at every turn. Their costumes, makeup, and love for the disgusting and dramatic isn't indicative of this assessment, but the personalities of Alig and St. James are non-existent except for catty remarks. Culkin flies through the entire film without really showing who Alig was. Though he becomes drug addled, star struck, and obviously malicious in the way he grapples to the top of the food chain, there isn't any base for where his motivations come from. He hinders the plot at most times by being petty and doesn't like to be vulnerable, yet we as the audience aren't sure where that weakness stems from. St. James and Alig's relationship is mostly impeded by their own pride and haughty attitudes towards each other, and while they pretend to be calculating and mean, they come off as trashy drag queens throughout. The party atmosphere of the eighties and nineties was represented in costuming and club scenes, but because of the shoddy way they shot this film there's no real setting. You get a general understanding of how Alig operated, why he was paid such large sums of money, and why he rose to prominence, but his actual reach throughout the club scene was not shown. This film needed to be bigger in order to truly tell this story. The costumes were very ingenious and interesting, but because of the lack of cinematography they looked like homemade Halloween costumes. The end of the film really baffles, because it neither explains what really happened to Alig and St. James (who are real people) or why we should care. It's a very convoluted and annoying kind of film, and felt longer than it actually was. This film does not reflect what it was trying to say, and the people trying to say it weren't all that talented to begin with.

Carlos I (nl) wrote: Such a great schlocky exploitation horror. Never gets old. Atkins, Campbell and Z'Dar? What more could you ask for?

Keith C (nl) wrote: Carried by some very natural performances.

Tiago G (br) wrote: Not the most surprising of twists, still the idea at the core of the film leaves you speechless and the time travel theory (with all it's implications) will make you ruminate for days. It's also good to see Sarah Snook showing she has the chops to evolve into something amazing one day.

Bruno V (ag) wrote: Fine Mystery-movie with a good cast ! De Niro with Mila , De Niro with Edward fine acting again ! The ending just keeps me with a couple of questions ...but so have the actors ! My 35 De Niro Movie ...SOMDVD

Liam M (ru) wrote: Enjoyably tense if a little forgettable. Vacancy is Hitchcockian to a fault, relying heavily on slow burn suspense over the more commonplace jump scares, bolstered by strong performances and stroller direction, destined to exist within a better script; as it stands this is a solid, standard spook fest that tries really, really hard, to be utterly unspectacular.