Sex and the City

Sex and the City

A New York writer on sex and love is finally getting married to her Mr. Big. But her three best girlfriends must console her after one of them inadvertently leads Mr. Big to jilt her.

Four years after the earlier adventures of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her best gal pals, she and her intermittent lover, Big (Chris Noth), are in a committed relationship. But her three best girlfriends must console her after one of them inadvertently leads Mr. Big to jilt her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ca M (br) wrote: A boxing movie that slipped by without anyone noticing. It was a decent film but it's less about boxing and more about a road to recovery. Kind of like when Million Dollar Baby took that same turn, but this movie lacks the emotional depths.

James H (mx) wrote: I liked it when I first seen it back when I was a PnF fan but now I'm not that interested in the show anymore. It has not aged well with me. I'll talk about the things I liked about the movie first:I liked how they gave Phineas more of a personality (Lets be honest Phineas in the show does not really have much of a personality besides smiling and talking)I love Doofenshmirtz in the movie. He was just as funny as he is in the show.Alt Candace, Perry and Ferb were awesome in the movie.Lastly the animation was great and in some scenes spectacular.Now the things I did not like in the movie:Candace was really annoying and I feel she did not contribute anything in the movie outside of complaining. Also the fact she was voiced by Ashley Tisdale who is (In my eyes and no one else's) one of Disney's worst actresses at the moment.The plot was just a typical Other Dimensions movie. If you've seen one "Other Dimensions" movie you've pretty much seen this movie by default.The songs are forgettable and generic. (The only song that I remember and like in the movie is "Takin Care of things" at the end) The rest were just bland in my opinion.And lastly the thing that ruined the whole movie for me and the reason why I gave it a 2.5 rating. The ending was generic. I knew that was gonna happen a week before I saw it. I personally think that they should have kept Phineas and Ferb knowing Perry was a agent for the rest of the series. That would have been great. But no They had to have a generic ending so they got them to forget that perry was a agent.Overall I give this movie a 2.5 rating.

Kristy C (fr) wrote: I love how everyone is reviewing the wrong 'Maid of Honor'. This is a slasher/murder thriller brought to you by Lifetime. Nothing cute about it.

Waleed A (mx) wrote: had some interesting and creative parts but it lost my interest and i gave up on it (1 viewing)

Raul V (fr) wrote: First saw this doc in college...on VHS! Even better now. Chronicles the rise of Seattle music from the mid-80's to the global "grunge" phenomenon. Insightful interviews with bands, early label pioneers, and fans of this overly simplified, yet musically diversed subculture of America. Rent it ...or You Tube it if necessary. Good shit!


Don R (de) wrote: One of those movies that seem to get better the more I see it. Or maybe it's just because I'm older. Don't know. But I do know I've found my "one thing".

Kevin R (ag) wrote: She's considered to be homicidal.Emily is a home aid that takes care of a young man's mother, Helga, who had an unfortunate accident that left her wheel chair bound and unable to speak. Helga and Emily have an intense relationship and the boy is in love with Emily and they are secretly married, which complicates matters. Emily can get away with anything with this cover, maybe even murder..."What do we know about her?""What do we know about anybody?"William Castle, director of House on Haunted Hill, The Tingler, 13 Ghosts, Rosemary's Baby, Macabre, Jesse James vs. the Daltons, and The Law vs. Billy the Kid, delivers Homicidal. The storyline for this picture is interesting and fun to watch unfold and has some unique characters. The performances were uneven and the cast includes Glenn Corbett, Patricia Breslin, and Joan Marshall."If you stay in this house one more minute I'm going to kill you."This was on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) this past Halloween season and I had to DVR it. This was very entertaining. There were some entertaining kill scenes and I loved the character Emily but the son's character was annoying at times. This is an above average addition to the classic horror genre."You shouldn't do that, dear, it's impolite."Grade: B-

Facebook U (gb) wrote: It's big and dumb, but man is it fun.

Abel D (mx) wrote: Fascinating, unsettling and yet touching, Babenco's South American prison drama is a gripping work. Huge props go to our two leads, Hurt and Julia, who perfectly contrast with each other, and have paralleling characters arcs that end in ironic twists.

Carissa A (ag) wrote: This surreal coming of age mystery is a clunky mess.

Kenneth L (kr) wrote: This was my first exposure to Spalding Gray, but it seems like it contains most of what I would need to know about him. Gray was an actor known for one-man monologue stage shows, where he would just sit at a table and tell stories about his life. He performed many of these shows over the course of his life. This film, made by Steven Soderbergh in the wake of Gray's suicide (which is never actually mentioned) is composed entirely of footage of Gray. Most of the footage is taken from various monologue shows over the years, and the rest comes from interviews and occasionally home movies. The movie doesn't exactly say, but judging from his appearance and so on, I would guess the footage spans about thirty years or so of Gray's life. He is certainly an engaging storyteller, which accounts for the popularity of the shows. There's a bit of a My Dinner with Andre aspect to both Gray and the movie, and indeed he even mentions Andre Gregory at one point. Gray's life is interesting, even though he himself does not always come across as the most sympathetic; in a lot of ways, he seems like your typical dissolute, bohemian, narcissistic artist. But he's at least self-aware enough to acknowledge that in his telling of the stories. The film is edited in such a way to make all the transitions between different sources fairly seamless. Overall, this was obviously a fairly light and minor project for Soderbergh, but it works well on its own terms, and you learn a lot about Spalding Gray.