Sex and Zen II

Sex and Zen II

Sai Moon-Kin is a rich man who idolizes Lawrence Ng's character in the original Sex and Zen, and works hard to please as many women as he possibly can. When marrying off his retarded son, he finds his son's new wife pretty hot, so he takes her for his own, not knowing that she is the evil Mirage Woman, who knows "sucking" magic that's pretty nasty. Tsui's daughter, who dresses like a man and wears chastity belt for the main part of the film, and the righteous Iron Man try to stop Mirage Woman before it's too late, which means that she'll have free rein to "suck" anyone she wishes.

The movie follows the wealthy Squire (Xu Jin Jiang) who has one obsession which is to be best in the art of sex... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick B (jp) wrote: When I recorded this on PBS, there were two things I did not realize:1. That the movie was in French, and2. How amazing this film would be!1981 is a funny and touching story about a young boy's desperate attempt to fit in. Handling topics such as young friendships and crushes, this movie is consistently entertaining and enjoyable. Beautifully shot and an exceptionally talented young cast bring this movie together. I recommend!

Dave R (au) wrote: Well it was alright not the best thing I seen for a horror movie and a story on Hansel and Gretel it was differnt lets just say that

Abid H (fr) wrote: A predictable soppy run-of-the-mill love story for the first half. It takes a novel turn for the second, which is surprising and could have turned a mediocre film into a good one but it unfortunately fails and the film falls flat on its face! Kunal Kapoor is wooden, Manisha unconvincing and Deepika's character is under-developed and the whole film hashed together. The only person that comes out of the film with any cred is Bipasha; scoff not, she actually acts competently and is quite good! The songs are good though!

Darren F (mx) wrote: What an amazing film! The love story was clunky, but it's easy to overlook when the climbing scenes kick in. How climbers of that era (1938) managed to summit these mountains wearing woolen mittens and flimsy canvas overcoats with crude gear, by today's standards, is beyond me. This movie is the Das Boot of mountain climbing.

Marilena G (it) wrote: To be honest I only watched this because it reminded me of food and of course Barcelona but I did enjoy it. It's a movie about people and relationships and that should be enough if you ask me.

Scott P (au) wrote: I enjoyed this. This one is hard to classify since it changes tone about midway through. Echoes of The Sting, Scarface and Little Caeser as well as (believe it or not) The Brat Pack Movies of the 80's. The highlight is Johnny Galecki playing against type here.

Alexander Z (nl) wrote: This film so desperately wants to be cool.

Ian M (de) wrote: great. just great :D

Nathaniel R (fr) wrote: Hot as the Vegas desert!

Shawn W (es) wrote: Martin Lawrence is funny. No doubt about it. This sometimes panned film has several great lines that had me laughing thinking about it later on. Loved the lines about Texaco and Ikea after he gets transported to the 1300s.