Sex et perestroïka

Sex et perestroïka


In April, 1990 the group of the French cinematographers comes to the Soviet Union to shoot here the erotic movie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon T (br) wrote: Pretty funny but kind of drags on and on and on..... and on........

Don S (mx) wrote: A nice little thriller with twists that are not hard to figure out, and a mildly surprising ending. It's a psychological roller-coaster you'll be pleased with. There are quite a few cameos in this one, with the bulk of the acting being darn good. Selma Blair rocks!

Simon W (jp) wrote: Slow, methodical, reflective, but ultimately didn't really work for me, except for the Radiohead track. Shame as the film started really well, but then just bogged itself down.

Jason G (nl) wrote: It becomes clear rather early on that the film is hurtling towards a total collapse under its own weight. Unlike in lesser films, however, Van Dormael's well-intentioned screenplay manages to allow his opus to mostly sidestep such an implosion-thank goodness. What remains is a cinematographically beautiful, if coherence-deficient, hodgepodge that shares some of the better elements of "Inception," "Cloud Atlas," and "Sliding Doors," but succumbs to many of the regrettable issues that have plagued the collective works of Terrence Malick and Damon Lindelof. This is a film with ten story lines (one of which is explicitly fabricated and the factuality of the remainder purposefully made ambiguous) spread over four different periods. Thus, I would recommend it only for the most patient among us.

Kent N (jp) wrote: What can I say? This film is really a fun film! It's got tons of heart, great characterization, an intriguing story, and great battles! This can easily contend with the Gamera films of the 90s!

Matty S (nl) wrote: Interesting concept, but it never forms into much.

John M (nl) wrote: There's a lot of the "re-establishing estranged family relationship" films, especially now, but none quite like this one. Harry Dean Stanton is incredible and his role is forever memorable from here. It's a soft, focused movie about loss and re-connection. Sam Shepard's monologues are as poignant and profound as Wim Wenders's nuanced and stark direction and cinematography.

Michael H (us) wrote: In terms of unstinting emotional cruelty and stylistic baroque Fassbinder seems a promising adapterizer of Nabokov (certainly more apropos then the the coarsely monolithic Kubrick). However, Nabokov's formal gamesmanship is not well transmuted into Fassbinder's emotional gamesmanship and Nabokov's lush, synesthetic lyricism finds no correlative in Fassbinders oppressively claustrophobic mise-en-scene. It also doesn't help that this was one of the giganto mid-70's co-pro's where an international smorgasborg of renowns are forced too stew in the same rippling Pan-Euro broth. And I think I hate Dirk Bogarde.

James M (fr) wrote: A sex farce typical of it's time. The plot is quite bad taste and the acting isn't much better, Michael Caine notwithstanding.

Nick U (it) wrote: Blockbuster 9/8/2013WTF was this about. Amazed if they sold more than 10 tickets to this bomb. This movie SUCKED.

Jairo A (mx) wrote: Pretty cool/funny has a little action too, that actually works in this movie. For it's genre, it's a pretty solid movie.

clinton e (mx) wrote: A huge step up from 4, providing lots of scares and more interesting characters

Jei P (it) wrote: Classical version of the 24 hour photo with Robin Williams. Love Geoffrey Rush though!

Dan H (es) wrote: A great, classic werewolf film that's got a fantastic atmosphere and boasts a powerhouse performance from Oliver Reed as tortured soul Leon who is the cursed werewolf.

Rob P (br) wrote: Like short stories, anthologies can be fun because of the variety. Some of these stories are good, others not so much. Overall, the quality is low compared to something like the much better Trick or Treat.