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Mavrinac D (es) wrote: I watched a lot of trash movies and just trust me skip this one and put 1hr and 30min of your life to better use...

Jasrick J (us) wrote: Happy to finally say punjabi movies have finally gone beyond comedies and stereotypical stories.Haani was flawed but a pleasant suprise.Haani is a good step for punjabi cinema.The film is far from perfect but a good movie nonetheless.Film has the real essence of punjab. A must watch for all the punjabi population around the world, film is better than most gippy grewal and other brainless films around

Johnson Y (us) wrote: Yes, over the top but enjoyable

Stephanie B (kr) wrote: a little predictable, but a really good movie.

Kayla S (fr) wrote: loved this movie! my class of 6th and 8th graders love it every year

Christine D (jp) wrote: Not scary at all. For being what is suppose to lead up to the beginning of the excorist series and how it came about, it didn't do a lot of that. It did have a great storyline and was very interesting.

Ryan M (it) wrote: This film got unduly panned by people who expected...I'm not sure what. This is definitely a forgotten gem from the 90s; screw what the critics thought.

Daniel B (jp) wrote: NO.1 OF ALL TIMEVapourised policemen, flying cars, alien corpses, amphetamine abuse, mohicans and guns what more could anyone ask for in a film.GENIUS 100%

Joseph B (us) wrote: Us Yellowbeards are never more dangerous than when we're dead.

Tom S (br) wrote: Worth seeing for the influence it undoubtedly had on films like Obayashi's "Hausu" - but it reminds me of Terry Gilliam's adaptation of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," where you mostly watch two people be horrible for feature length.

Anne R (au) wrote: Loved this movie. Well played.

Yvonne W (gb) wrote: the best movie ever about love