Sex Is Zero

Sex Is Zero

At Sunjong University, a few students are serious, including Eun-hyo, who works hard at aerobics in hopes of doing well in a national competition. Most students goof off: drinking, partying, and focusing on sex. Eun-shik, a law student who's been in the military, is older but socially inept. He likes Eun-hyo; even though his earnest and simple side appeals to her, his juvenile excesses make him irrelevant when Sung-ok, a good-looking rich kid, charms Eun-hyo. They begin an affair, leaving Eun-shik on the sidelines. The national competition approaches and complications arise.

At Sunjong University, a few students are serious, including Eun-hyo, who works hard at aerobics in hopes of doing well in a national competition. Most students goof off: drinking, partying... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave R (gb) wrote: Finally a Gay film with Brains and social consciousness Worth the Read!!

Jacob D (us) wrote: An absolute must see, one of the most daring and controversial movies ever made hits home!

Ariel V (kr) wrote: awful... the whole room was laughing hard instead of being scared...just a few good shots, but nothing more than that...(why can't I rate this with 1/2 star?)

Joetaeb D (es) wrote: While it can be credited for a noteworthy performance by Mary Elizabeth Winestead. Final destination 3 is a tepid installment that has creatively gory kills but not much else to really stand out and do justice to it's predecessors

aaron a (kr) wrote: "Excuse me sir, don't go in there!" Synopsis: An unnerving tale about high school violence that unfolds on an ordinary school day, inside a typical American high school filled with the usual goings-on -- schoolwork, football, gossip and peer pressure. If your looking for a unique experience then you will not be disappointed, you'd be hard pressed to find another film similar to Elephant outside the director's catalogue of work. It's slow, almost plotless with little dialogue, and improvised; the best way to describe the film's style would be minimalistic. The camera tails a number of wildly different students as they proceed through their daily high school lives, there are a handful of interesting expressionistic images, but for the most part, it's as if you grabbed a camera and decided to follow your classmates around school, and then edited your footage in non-linear fashion. It's way more fascinating than it has the right to be, as it's totally mundane, but that's the point. I suppose many will be turned off by it's radically uncompromising filmmaking esthetics, and thats okay, it is perhaps a bit too loud in the way it tells it's story; but it's not meant as an entertainment endeavor, simply a study of the lives of young people, and asks exactly why this incident happened, without providing any answers. Though perhaps too different and unconventional for many, Elephant is a simple (and good) idea filmed in a bold cinematic style that remains on the mind long after the finale is over..... can you spot the ELEPHANT in the room?

Alex F (fr) wrote: Sunday movie... or maybe not even that.

Jessica D (kr) wrote: One of the favorites from my childhood.

Richard S (gb) wrote: I was a third of the way into this before I was sure I had seen it before, which says a lot. Vernon is even more sleazily unpleasant than he's meant to be, which I thought was gross, but might be a kind of brilliance. I thought Griffin was quite good, though. The whole thing is crazily uneven and littered with nods to Suspiria, which just made me wish I was watching a better movie.

Vincent P (it) wrote: Ok, it's a turtle that flies. A bi-polar turtle at that: for at one moment he's saving a kid's life and the next he's destroying Tokyo for no apparent reason.

Paul N (us) wrote: That is the most brilliant, uplifting 90 minutes I have ever seen. Why they didn't make it a theatrical release I'll never know, but YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! It is just perfect, poingnant, joyful and so many other things I'm lost for words.

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Jonathan A (es) wrote: The worst film I've ever seen by far. I couldn't comprehend why these characters are so obnoxiously stupid. The dialogue is atrocious, truly unbearable. All of the actors show little to no effort in their bland performances. It's hard to care for these people, and that's the biggest downfall of this truly god-awful film. Not recommended, obviously.