Sex & Philosophy

Sex & Philosophy

On his fortieth birthday, a man engineers a revolt against himself. He telephones his lovers -- all four of them -- and arranges to meet them at his dance school that afternoon. The women ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Russian,Tajik
  • Reference:Imdb
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On his fortieth birthday, a man engineers a revolt against himself. He telephones his lovers -- all four of them -- and arranges to meet them at his dance school that afternoon. The women ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sex & Philosophy torrent reviews

Gerry A (gb) wrote: Slow to start but gets much better.

Samir S (ag) wrote: It's like watching 5 dimensions of a person's life while the sixth dimension can only be constructed out of what we have learnt from the five dimensions... The five dimensions being what people around have to say about the person in focus and the sixth being what the person felt and went through... 'Stories We Tell' is a brave effort, not just for its off-beat narrative but also for the amount of personal life being made open to public here... This is a revolutionary step in the way stories have been told through the medium of films...

Paul S (nl) wrote: A very cool character study of the life of a Hitman! Start to finish! Like it much.

James C (ru) wrote: I really liked this movie. Its about a man who reenacts battles between Vikings and Normans who loses his wife and kids as a result. More real than watching a historic epic or Lord of the Rings, yet with just as much heart. Shows how ones hobbies can filter through into ones life. The battle of life here is far more real than any battle for Middle Earth. And from the first scene which cleverly brings the battleground into the present, through the movie we see how we still have heroes and villains and maidens, valour courage and chivalry and how although we are not using swords to fight the concepts are still alive. Cleverly done.

Jessica L (de) wrote: great cast and interesting scenes but a little messy

Lauren W (jp) wrote: this movie kinda reminded me of something but I can't think of it. not the greatest but okay.

Coby C (au) wrote: Shot on cocaine injected with acid laced interviews, Bullet in a Bible is an amplified rock show that you'd have to be a Green Day fan to enjoy. Shouting anti-USA war fragments before almost every song, front man Billie Joe Armstrong sings sloppy lyrics through a deep, scratchy voice while Dirnt and Cool play silently in the background. The music is OK, but the real jewel in the Bible is the interviews and mini-documentaries shoved in between songs. When we're not seeing self indulgent black and white close ups of Armstrong discussing his techniques, we're often taken on a tour of the stage, interviewing the far funnier and interesting Tre Cool, or talking to an audience member. The show is set up as a mini-woodstock with one band playing, so there are tons of drugged out Englishmen doing ridiculous mosh pit activities, many of which are captured on tape. A decent capture of a lacking concert.

Berthaday (ag) wrote: I love this movie! It's great!

Bob G (es) wrote: For a title like Space Truckers, you don't expect Shakespeare. But if you're looking to kill 95 minutes, there are worse ways. And at least you get Debi Mazar mostly naked through the movie. Special effects are actually enjoyable. It you want a fun B-movie to riff on some Sunday afternoon, pick this up. If you want serious GOOD sci-fi, steer clear.

Adam D (fr) wrote: Not really one for war movies

Jacob H (ca) wrote: Can you rate lower than half a star?

Aj V (es) wrote: A stupid story and plot that doesn't even get anywhere, I got so bored watching this movie, I hate it.

Jason M (mx) wrote: If not for the music this movie would have been amazing. Still very good though.

Jessi t (mx) wrote: A fun melding of talents from yesteryear. Really spectacular to watch -- Red Skeleton's bit was good, as was well.. everything Fred Astaire did. So, yes, of course, my favorite bit is The Babbitt and the Bromide. I adore Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, and putting them together is simply epic. Made me grin ear-to-ear. Worth renting the flick for that bit alone. I really really really really love those two.

Bill W (mx) wrote: This was made by Cecil B. DeMille and it is as spectacular as anything else he made. You'll enjoy it.