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Drew A (nl) wrote: Rousing! Solid! Fast-paced!

Luke S (ag) wrote: Funny, sweet and sentimental, Midnight in Paris is a very charming movie.

Bam E (mx) wrote: Loved it :) Big Show is awesome.

Becky B (gb) wrote: not as a good as the first one..

Harriet S (kr) wrote: I absolutely loved this film! I laughed out loud, which I rarely do at a film or book, but it was hilarious. It was so honest and from the heart that it will probably not appeal to the pseudo-hip, edgy, snobbish yet insecure crowd. It is completely politically incorrect which is one of its sources of humor. It's smart and real and romantic and shocking, and all those other things that have gone out of style in the politically correct circles of jerks.

Ben d (kr) wrote: It was ok, not what I was expecting, and some poorish acting once the story movies to the US. But decent for its genre: dramatic gay mystery romance.

Anjelica A (es) wrote: I wish I could give it no stars. I cannot say enough bad things.

Kyle F (ru) wrote: Awful and predictable sequel.

Kyle M (ru) wrote: It seems that the cartoon character had asked for a good live-action movie of his origins, but should've been more specific when there were errors functioning, resulting his requested movie as an okay even though it may have followed and probably squandered its source material by worthy visual effects on the gadgets as well following other elements, with an addition of being very cartoonish for a live-action adaptation however. (B-)

Ethan S (ca) wrote: The late 80's and early 90's saw many adaptations of Stephen King novels. Since then, King has publicly denounced all but a few. I've seen many of these movies and agree with King on his dislike. While most of them employ characters and plot that resemble the story they are based upon, few are able to capture the true horror of the novel. When I stumbled upon the 1989 adaptation of King's Pet Sematary on Netflix, I was ready to write it off as another cheesy King movie. A quick glance at the credits revealed King as the screenwriter, so I decided to give the movie a shot. Surely the master of horror Stephen King would do justice to a film adaptation of his own novel.Unlike many of the truly awful adaptations that I've already mentioned, Pet Sematary, does not solely rely on King's story to scare the audience. As an author, King creates an atmosphere that allows for the horrors of his novels to occur. Thankfully, all of the filmmakers involved in this production bring that same spooky atmosphere to the screen. Accompanied by the hauntingly beautiful score by Elliot Goldenthal, director Mary Lambert opens the film with sweeping shots of the creepy Pet Sematary. As images of the graveyard flash across the screen the audience is immediately filled with dread. There's nothing inherently terrifying about what we see. The sun is shining. Birds are chirping. Still, for some reason, the audience immediately knows that something about this place is not right. It is this opening credit sequence that creates the atmosphere and sets the stage for the horrors to come.The Creed family, mom, dad, daughter and baby boy, have relocated from the city to a rural home in Maine. A busy and dangerous road separates the Creed's home from their neighbor Jud's property. A path on their property leads to a cemetery that is labeled "Pet Sematary". Jud explains that this is where the local children have buried their deceased pets, most of which died on the busy road. When the Creed's family's cat is inevitably killed on the road, Jud takes the dad, Louis, to a secret location beyond the confines of the Pet Sematary. They arrive to an old Indian burial ground where they bury the deceased cat. The burial ground has the power to bring the dead animal back to life, but it does not return as its original self. Rather, the cat stinks of death and has lost its sweet demeanor.Louis works as a doctor where he encounters a man who was involved in a severe car accident. Despite his best efforts, Louis is unable to revive the crash victim. But before the man dies, he warns Louis to stay away from the Pet Sematary. Later, Louis sees the victim in a dream where he is again warned of the dangers of the Sematary. When tragedy strikes the Creed family, Louis is willing to do anything to get his old life that, even if it means ignoring the warnings of the crash victim. Desperate to recover a lost life, Louis returns to the burial grounds and unleashes a horror that threatens to destroy his family and all those who come in contact with them.Atmosphere aside, Pet Semetary offers many terrifying twists and turns that excite and thrill. It is a movie clearly created in the tradition of 1980's horror films. As such, the film contains special effects and overacting by the cast that come off as relics of that era. There is a side plot about the mother's sister that is particularly cheesy in its execution. Still, King's story is unique and imaginative, allowing the film to overcome most of the genre cliches that are present. I found myself terrified in some moments and laughing in others. In the end, Pet Semetary is far from perfect, but is one of the best Stephen King adaptations to come from that time period.

FilmGrinder S (de) wrote: Cox, you're the man! I don't care what they say about you. Everyone can't be a genius, right.

Jenny N (ru) wrote: Heart breaking, hopeful, heart breaking.

Andrew U (br) wrote: Coalesces the archetypes of Friday the 13th with the atmosphere of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

David H (gb) wrote: This Movie break the Ground from developing Comedia Nera in a Revival of Comedia Pink In the Grandious Style of a Great Italowestern with lot of Irony and Slapstick this Movie made Terence Hill Eternal in Duett as the Scholar with Henry Fonda as the Master Gunslinger Tonino Valerii continue the Developing he made with his Film I giorni dell'ira where he allready used the Master Scholar Theme, Show his Characters Hearty as a Sympathic Loser and a Dying Dinosaur and made Steps into Comedia Pink I love the Scenes with the Wild Hord and the Hillarious Soundtrack by Ennio Morricone

Petros T (de) wrote: By 2016 standards it's a stretch to call "Nosferatu" scary - eerie is probably more suitable. Of course, it's a little unfair to judge a film that way. So on the one hand I really appreciate the - occasionally genuinely creepy - atmosphere Murnau creates through his successful use of shadows. On the other hand "Nosferatu" is pretty slow and bereft of a big climax of any sort. Murnau succeeds in creating some iconic gothic imagery but his fragmentary direction fails to set the story on fire.

Ryan S (kr) wrote: Best Drama Film Ever

Schmoog L (au) wrote: Decent little low-budget '80s sci-fi cheesefest from Charles Band.

Al S (fr) wrote: A crafty, old school and first-class edge of your seat suspense thriller. Clint Eastwood is magnificent, he still has all the right moves as a director and performer. One of the best performances of his career. A well made mystery of the best standards. A gritty, sharp, edgy, sophisticated and riveting thriller. It hits all the right notes and manages to be stable and engrossing entertainment.