Sextet is a film about love and relationships in Amsterdam. It features an ingeniously interwoven plot of several stories and characters. Together with the feature SIMON (2004) this one is part of Terstall's trilogy about the liberties of the present Dutch society.

Feature film about love and relationships in Amsterdam, consisting of an ingeniously interwoven plot of several stories and characters. Together with the feature SIMON (2004) this one is part of Terstall's trilogy about the liberties of the present Dutch society. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ma S (kr) wrote: Why I decided to get this movie out I have no idea. Not the best romantic comedy I have ever seen (barely close), but I suffered through it.

James H (kr) wrote: Wow, this was really dark. There's all these really dark themes here. The acting was ok but I didn't really see anything special. The plot is a bit strange. I didn't buy the whole idea of Edison Chen meeting this girl and then having a love relationship with her coz when he first meets her, it's more of an older brother relationship. Really poorly handled. I guess some of the violence is entertaining. They have some really creative deaths here. People who love blood and gore should like this. The characters aren't all interesting, but some have unique backgrounds that I really liked. So, I guess this is a bit scary in a way, but when you finish watching it, you won't really feel like it was that great. I disgustingly enjoyed it.

Carlos B (de) wrote: decent movie. not a must see.

Konrad A (kr) wrote: I liked this Harry Potter because they where in a competition to win. But it was a little scary and the fighting was good! but it was a OK movie. I do not recommend children watching this

Mary B (nl) wrote: I watched it for Carmine Giovinazzo and he has a really cute butt.

Doris K (fr) wrote: With a tailor-made editing, it brings individuals and little pieces in their lives together extraordinarily. Reviewing every single detail in our lives will let us find out how our lives weigh.

venus w (jp) wrote: pretty good movie actually

Crystal E (gb) wrote: Slow and largely boring. I know it was supposed to be deep and meaningful but overall I just wasn't into it. Maybe it was the wrong time and place, or maybe it was just a mediocre movie.

Rodney E (au) wrote: For some reason back in 1994 I really wanted to see this as it looked like I would enjoy it for whatever reason. I couldn't believe how lame it was when I watched it for the first time. Boring as sin. Nick Nolte is a hit or miss actor. Sometimes I can tolerate him but sometimes I can't. This was one of his roles that I couldn't stand. Is he supposed to be Bobby Knight or what?

Nick A (jp) wrote: The screenplay is a cobbled-together mess of shallow stereotypes, disingenuous nobility, and spit-spewing Nolte "goddamnits." And worse yet, Friedkin directs the actual games -- a built-in escape from the Frankensteinian script -- with a clumsy callousness that betrays the essence and beauty of basketball. This movie is a train wreck.

Corey B (au) wrote: I watched this movie 3 times, once as a kid, once as a teen and now as a adult, each time it gets better and each time I watch it I enjoy it and get it even more. Ralph Bakish was way ahead his time, sadly even now if he made these films he would be ahead of his time. Sadly animation will probably never get respect for being a legitimate art form or being considered on the same level as real film making. Society still believes animation should only be for children or dick and fart joke shows. This film could have easily been a live action film and still have the same effect instead it was done animated and it still works. That is a credit to Ralph Bakish. I just wish that there were more movies like this sadly the only people with balls to make animation for adults (non porn) is the Japanese.

Todd A (ru) wrote: Built on cheesy cheap gags and fully embracing the 80's B movie style, Super Fuzz is a mess of a film that fails to amuse or thrill. 100 Days of Superheroes:Day 5: Super Fuzz"You see, my partner has super powers, but the thing is, every time he sees the color red he loses them." The date says 80's and that is right on the money for Super Fuzz, a film that fully embraces the cheesy B-movie filmmaking of that era. Somehow Super Fuzz is now considered a classic of the HBO early years. When the network first started out its library was very limited and one of its few selections that seemingly played in a constant loop was this campy cop film. So by no accounts is it a classic by its own strengths but rather by repetition. It's theatrical release was actually pretty mediocre and under preformed. That most likely why the young HBO was able to get their hands on the TV rights for easily. No one else was going to put up a fight for it. The story is a simple one and by no means serious. It is very clearly self aware about its own corny nature. However, unlike Superman it fails to deliver anything but that and becomes a tedious comedy without any thrills. The story follows the character of Dave Speed who is a cop right out of training and eager to prove himself. While serving up a traffic violation in the middle of a swamp, he gets caught in an explosion of red uranium bomb. As is expected, he comes out with a wide variety of inconsistent superpowers that seem to come and go on a whim. They never really solidify exactly what his powers are, the only thing they make explicitly clear is the fact that he loses them whenever he sees the color red. And you thought Superman losing his abilities over a rock was bad. He is accompanied on his adventures by his demoted sergeant, Will Dunlop (played by Ernest Borgnine) who for the majority of the film denies the existence of his partners powers even though he is clearly using them right in front of his face. Those who have ever seen Borgnine in any of his other films, such as Marty which he took an Oscar for, you'll know he is an old but talented actor (yes he was even old in the 80's). Here he is given nothing though, forced to run around looking like a fool and getting in the way. It makes you feel almost embarrassed that such a talented guy got stuck doing this second hand sludge part. Terance Hill, who plays the super powered copper gives and even more underwhelming performance that would have done Keanu Reeves proud. Though he has a semi-successful career over seas, he fails in almost every other level to make Dave Speed compelling or even interest. He is simply a bumbling clown with powers. Where it exists the entire plot is a convoluted mess, but seeing as it is so thin anyways, it hardily even merits a mention in this review. Pretty much to give you the basics of it; Speed is trying to stop a group from counter fitting money. A lot of action to be had there (that was sarcasm).Yet this was meant to be a comedy so that is the most important thing to address. Is it funny? In short. No. In long, it has its few rare moments of charm, but for the most part it's laugh free, action lacking and uninteresting as possible.

Gabriel M (kr) wrote: every murder is a tension, caa murder scene is a good, powerful, stressful.

craig l (us) wrote: not as good as the first one, was far to easy to guess the plot

Steve H (kr) wrote: Excellent movie, Loved it. A very good Christian based movie.I give it a solid 5.