Sexting in Suburbia

Sexting in Suburbia

moody daughters, Rachel and Dina have a close relationship. Dina tells her everything... or so Rachel thinks. When Dina suddenly commits suicide, Rachel is devastated and confused. Her search for answers as to what happened in her daughter's final days leads her to some painful discoveries about the secrets that Dina was trying to keep and the bullying that was tearing her apart.

When Dina (Jenn Proske) commits suicide, her mom (Liz Vassey) starts looking for an answer, only to uncover painful secrets. Dina sexted a naked picture to her boyfriend and he then forwarded it to the whole school, which leads to series of bullies Dina had to suffer from. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon M (ag) wrote: A challenging and realistic thriller.

Leonardo Malacay S (de) wrote: Y que es esto? Ac todo es exagerado llegando a lo absurdo!

Shivani F (jp) wrote: A very moving story! Never imagined that the little girl would die. good performance and beautiful places.

Jacob B (us) wrote: While Jennifer Garner seems committed enough to the role and the action is slightly exciting at times, this spin-off of the 2003 Daredevil movie sucks. The writing is bad, the CGI looks too obvious, after that first scene, the audience is left restless waiting for the next action sequence instead stuck watching Elektra's nightmare about a horned devil killing her mother and the poster (let alone the trailers) are misleading. She hardly wears her red satin outfit. The film hardly acknowledges that it's related to Daredevil (Just 2 brief flashbacks showing her in her black leather outfit and a deleted scene involving Matt Murdock). This is one of Marvel's more crappier films. But look on the bright side, it's a more entertaining watch when compared with the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot (often referred to as Fant4stic).

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Shawn R (us) wrote: Lots of blood and violence for a movie made in 1986.