Sexual Predator

Sexual Predator

A female parole officer unwittingly gets involved with a handsome photographer who might be a serial killer.

A female parole officer gets involved with a serial killer whom she plans to entrap and kill in revenge for him killing her sister. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael R (de) wrote: The unchecked corruption of Central Africa is spotlighted in this daring expose by renegade filmmaker Mads Brugger. If you thought his North Korea flick was balsy, its nothing compared to the situations he puts himself in with blood diamond kingpins and corrupt ministers and diplomats in one of the most chaotic regions on the planet. Someone even DIES during the filming of the documentary! Incredible, unsettling, nervewreaking and maddening.

Jaime W (ag) wrote: I relate to this guy

Sally W (au) wrote: There were some nice things in the film, but it did not all come together. It was hard to stay with it, but I love Victoria Tennant. I figured out the big plot twist right away, it was not a challenge. Good for a rainy day with nothing else to do.

Dave J (gb) wrote: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 (2006) Evil DUBBED Supposed to be spoken in Russian, but saw this one with no other alternate languages except 'dubbed' and the correct title was also supposed to be called "Vedma" but saw it as "Evil". Story has Russian journalist ordered to visit a small village called "Castlevania" and investigate some supernatural incidents, and while there his car breaks down and somehow comes across an old cottage. After a near death experience with just his underwear on, he manages to steal a dead priests robe with it's body lying behind a semi- truck, and it is at this particular time he meets some of the villagers who expect him to sermon a dead lady on three different occasions whose been haunting this village for years. Watchable but uninteresting since it limits options in terms of it's star which is not quite explained here. 2 out of 4

Chuckie S (kr) wrote: I love the musical numbers. The movie has WAY too much going on. Too many characters that drag down the plot/story. Less would of been more. All the technical merits are spot on though.

David W (ag) wrote: Junebug has a wonderful cast with Amy Adams leading the way in this by-the-numbers drama about family and love

Andy K (br) wrote: Did I really go to see this in the theater as a kid? Money wasted - disturbingly cheap movie.

JJ J (mx) wrote: Laugh out loud funny every time!

Tim R (ru) wrote: As funny and entertaining as the first!

josh m (jp) wrote: Rock 3 is so entertaining and hyped that it can barely help the fact that is a great movie.

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Caitlin L (de) wrote: So funny. Watched so many times I have parts of it memorized.