Italian mondo documentary

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1962
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mondo,  

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Hannah R (fr) wrote: Honestly the acting was overdone, making obviously seeming fake and too unreal for a plot that's based on a tall tale.i first gained interest because Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is in it, and thought maybe his acting could persuade me to watch the entire thing, and I do love actress Kaley Cuoco, but neither of them seemed to be playing the right character for their acting skills and abilities. I was unable to get through more than half (if even that much) of the movie. I felt badly for having my dad drive over an hour to rent a movie for me I didn't even watch all of the way through. It's a low-grade "slasher horror" "scary" movie.

Jonathan O (kr) wrote: A simple tale of a woman who is trying to keep the family in balance. She worries that her 3rd son wil turn gay like her first 2 sons. In trying to deny the possible reality, she pushes her family away. A light film to watch.

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Eric M (nl) wrote: It could have delved a bit deeper into the philosophy of its terrorist villains, a few logical jumps occur (expected) and Harrison Ford's performance, while solid, is unextraordinary, but "Patriot Games" is still a rousing success as a thriller for the brutal and frightening nature of those same villains and the intimate and meaningful nature of Ryan's relationship with his family. "Games" creates a frightening sense of paranoia and fear, a fear that is driven by the fact there is something truly worth losing at stake. With the stakes raised on a personal level, the ante is upped for the rest of the conflict. Great and grounded action sequences are an added bonus.

Haydon F (it) wrote: This film had been on my to-watch list for ages and now i've fianlly got around to it i was left disappointed. Its not bad - in fact its everything i expected of it - its just that sometimes its better off not knowing. The music, clothes, decor, style - everything just looked so fuckin cool but i was expecting the level of Barbarella-epicness that never came. Not great, not terrible just bleurgh. Also i dunno what Dirk Bogarde & Terence Stamp are doing in this, maybe they had bills to pay or somethin but they really shouldnt have bothered. Definately one for the stylistos.

Jessica H (ru) wrote: Overrated cliches with some great casting and music. It's the storyline that needs work.

Dill M (nl) wrote: An action classic that kicked off the movie series that defined the "buddy cop" genre

neil L (nl) wrote: Kind of dumb movie with great aliens