Sexy Beast

Sexy Beast

Gary is a former gangster who has made a modest amount of money from his criminal career. Happy to put his life of crime behind him, he has retired with his wife Deedee to the sunny bliss of rural Spain, where he lives an idyllic life with his family and a few close friends. But Gary's contentment is ruptured by an unwelcome visitor from his past. Don.

Gal, an ex-con and an expert safe-cracker, lives a happy life with his wife and a couple of his friend in a lavish Spanish villa. An old criminal associate arrives and ruins the peace as he enlists Gal in a bank robbery. Gal and the gang take enormous dangerous not only from the police but also from the unknown force. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sexy Beast torrent reviews

Viktor B (jp) wrote: Most boring movie I have ever seen.

Mark F (es) wrote: I didn't catch this from the start and since it's a high concept movie, maybe that's why I didn't love it. However, I have a feeling I just wouldn't love it anyway. I just found it a little odd and hard to follow. It's not very funny, the pacing is a little off and it's perhaps even strangely depressing. I just can't see me revisiting this again.

Jennifer T (mx) wrote: Ok movie..nothing great here. Anna Kendrick gives a decent performance. Not too crazy about the ending.

Drw W (jp) wrote: artistic, not entertaining.

Alan R (au) wrote: Awesome vampire flick

Kilo D (mx) wrote: Saw this on TV. Pretty good, if you like movies where nothing happens - and I mean that sincerely. Short stories about lonely women, but lonely people is more descriptive.

Robert F (mx) wrote: People seem to be beating this movie up for being the very thing it's trying to parody - a crappy B-grade horror movie. I didn't watch every scene, but what I did see I really enjoyed. Molly Ringwald was great - she's an icon and I love that she did this little film. I did have one question, though. Why did Brad end up in a state of electrocution after Vanessa killed him by way of emergency tracheotomy? He was human, not a robot, right?

Jason M (nl) wrote: Indiana Jones' worst movie is still a delight.

Amanda P (it) wrote: great...but King and I was better

Greg W (gb) wrote: one of the few hollywood pix to deal with spanish civil war

Kami F (ca) wrote: - I admit it! I enjoy this show, and I like the songs.- I really like Curly's voice. I don't find him handsome, but I could listen to him sing for a long time.- Who names their boy Curly anyway? That is a terrible name for a guy.- Jud is a CREEP!! He is probably the creepiest dude I've ever seen in a musical.- Laurey has a nice voice too.- I'm SO glad we don't have to wear corsets anymore! I like the way they make you look, but it is not worth the pain.- I love how Curly tries to get Jud to commit suicide! I giggle throughout the song. It's funny.- WORST DREAM SEQUENCE EVER!! It is SO long, and we don't really need it. If they cut that out, no one would miss it.- During the dream sequence the cowboys do Gangam style dance. LOL!- I like Will and Curly. They know how to make a girl feel special!- Ado Annie is such a floozy! - Curly must have bought his horse and saddle back at the end. He sold them during the auction, but then we see him riding Blue right before the wedding.- Aunt Eller really steals the show. She has all the best lines!

Aaron G (br) wrote: I admit it's been a while since I've seen it, but I remember enjoying the hell out of it.