Sexy Beast

Sexy Beast

Gary is a former gangster who has made a modest amount of money from his criminal career. Happy to put his life of crime behind him, he has retired with his wife Deedee to the sunny bliss of rural Spain, where he lives an idyllic life with his family and a few close friends. But Gary's contentment is ruptured by an unwelcome visitor from his past. Don.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   murder,   jealousy,  

Brutal gangster Don Logan recruits "retired" safecracker Gal for one last job, but it goes badly for both of them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (ag) wrote: The 1st half is roughly interesting; the 2nd half is getting boring really quick. The script, the directing were just wasting the cast.

Rachel M (fr) wrote: it had its moments. nothing remotely special. and the story built up and then just dropped off a cliff out of nowhere. blah.

Haley E (au) wrote: While I have not seen the original film this was based around, I still need to give credit where credit is due. As a young horror fan, I had to give this movie a star or two for casting Robert England as the wonderful mayor of Pleasant Valley. This film, as with anything starring Robert England, had that taste of horror with a hint of humor and promiscuous behavior that could only be associated with the comedic horror we all grew us with as children of the late 90's. I can say that what it had lost in the slightly ambiguous plot and semi-interesting characters it did make up for in keeping the audience's attention with the jokes, gore, and overall horror/comedic appeal of this south-of-the-border murder/supernatural film. It's not a complete success, mind you, it would need a bit of tweaking before it could even be called a low A-ranked horror movie but as long as the shocks and the laughs keep me rolling in my seat, I could not recommend a better movie to sit down and enjoy with a group of friends one night.

Chris B (es) wrote: A film from Disney's rough patch. The story is original and it is good to see an untraditional princess but the songs are lacklustre and easily forgettable and Eddie Murphy Mushu is dull!

Ren S (gb) wrote: Great = 4/5 "Return of the Jedi" ties up the original trilogy perfectly. Not to mention it contains one of the best, most emotional and intense light saber fights do date... and Ewokes... come on. you love them as much as I do. How could you not?

John B (ru) wrote: You mix with drugs abroad and this is what happens. This has stained Turkey's reputation for me for years. The story is mindblowing despite its brutality.

Ben B (de) wrote: Not really sure what to say except that I've never seen a portrayal of desperation and spiritual torture such as this. It doesn't even feel like a film. Anthony Quinn is so mesmerizing in playing the part of Barabbas that you believe everything that goes on in the story, he is so real. The production values are also great, and the (actual) solar eclipse is absolutely stunning. Also this is one Christian film where the characters don't all come across as robots. "He took my death!" Amazing.

Nacho S (ag) wrote: El recurso de la cmara en mano es original, pero algn detalle de la trama est cogido con alfileres.

Ryan C (br) wrote: A classic spy thriller with two fine performances by Redford and Pitt.

Hiatt N (br) wrote: Despite the efforts of the last in the series. This one fails to match up with "The Return of the King".

Ryan S (es) wrote: Terrific action scenes and very cool sets, but the film makes some very strange choices in the rolls of the Bond girls and underuses the main villain.

Sean C (de) wrote: This will be a love it or hate type of movie lol. Although I say that right after I give it a 7/10 which is not exactly loving it but I still stick to what I said lol. If you are not a fan of crude humor stay far away from this movie as it has it throughout. Many times I found myself half laughing and half saying WTF? at the same time. It also is really hard to give any movie with Natalie Portman a rotten tomato. Natalie is the ultimate triple threat of gorgeous, smart and a great actress so she immediately improves any movie she is in. I also am partial to adventure movies so it had that going for it. I enjoyed the humor probably more than I would like to admit but I did think the Minotaur trophy (you will know what I mean when you see it) was when the humor sort of jumped the shark. This was a true guilty pleasure for me. I would recommend checking out a matinee or at night if enjoy Pineapple Express type humor or just rent it when it hits DVD and Blu-Ray.