A little girl is possessed by a demon.

A little girl is possessed by a demon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phil M (au) wrote: One of my all-time favorite holiday movies.

Giovanni E (kr) wrote: very good film. Great documentary, allowing one to reexperience history during the Vietnam Anti-War Movement.

JoJo (es) wrote: not very has some high points but not very interesting for the most part

Molly C (es) wrote: I enjoyed tis one as much as the other one with Steve Martin in it.

Dave H (fr) wrote: need to see all the carry on films still.

Chris N (au) wrote: Jon Heder is really great, but as a whole, the film is just really unfocused & doesn't really know where it's going. One of the weaker films that Todd Phillips has brought us.

Jim H (us) wrote: A crooner and a twinkle-toes vie for the affections of a classy dame.Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire are at the heights of their respective talents in this delightful little film. It's a popcorn film with little substance, but it's also one to return to just for a smile.All that is true if I were to take the film in its 1942 context, but holy irony, Batman, there is something head-scratching about Bing Crosby singing a song praising Abraham Lincoln in blackface. At that time there wouldn't have been such a problem, and within the context of the story, it actually makes a bit of sense, but wow, it's a sight that's hard to stomach.Overall, there is enough delight to balance the film's antiquated elements.

Alice S (ca) wrote: Former classmates attend their high school reunion. Some have dysfunctional families now; some have made it big; some are still the same old chuckleheads they have always been; and some are old flames with unfinished business to face. It's a nice slice of quarter-life crisis with some beautiful moments of forgiveness and understanding. My favorite storyline was with Oscar Isaac and Kate Mara as the now famous musician and the girl he never had. The scene of Reeves being coerced into basically karaoke-ing his own hit song and the "funny yellow shoes" lyric that sparks Elise's dawning realization that the song is about her is so full of romantic tension and dramatic irony.

Alejandro M (ru) wrote: Don't be fooled by the black and white and mute dialogs, this is a great movie filled with drama, joy and comedy. But what makes this movie so great is the outstanding performances of Dujardin, Bejo, and of course the dog (jack Russell terrier). Worthy of its Academy awards.

Clifford C (kr) wrote: Self-indulgent, narcissistic steaming pile of dung. RZA fancies himself an actor and director. He is neither. This is a case of someone with more money than talent believing that this money qualifies him to direct and start in a movie.

t m (nl) wrote: i really loved this movie and am really surprised to see such a low rating.