Seytanin pabucu

Seytanin pabucu

Nebahat living with my elder sister, when the comic tells the tragic story Burhan who lost money gambling and straight six career.

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Robin N (nl) wrote: A typical Bollywood movie made with a piece of story with total absence of logic. The story runs on barefooted drama like any other bollywood stereotype. Only thing missing was a love story. The story depicts a story of 3 generations of cricket and a Ferrari owned by ST, literally.Light hearted and a family movie are hardly a watch these days, the only positive I can say about this one; oh yeah! Bamman Irani rocks again.A small piece of story about a Ferrari which everybody knows how to drive, a dad who wants his child a cricketer because he gets out only when his shoe is torn out. Easily a non-sense stereotype B'wood shit that is only watchable if u'r a kid or absolutely bored of everything else.

Sam P (it) wrote: Highly enjoyable romantic romp that kicks off when the cast of a Mozart opera begin to sexually liaise with one another (as they always do). Fabulous performances from opera singers who are surprisingly competent at acting. Richard E. Grant is monstrously funny.

Barry L (mx) wrote: Belter of a heist movie, well paced, quality writing and a great twist...made all the better by the fact that its a true story....

Tia M (br) wrote: What a hidden treasure! I had never heard of it before either. Of course Steve Buscemi was the main reason attracting me to it but he wasnt the only person who "made" the movie . Miriam Margolyes was amazing in this role. I think the best Ive ever seen her in. It was very nice to also catch a glimpse at a young Uncle Rico.There were some pretty rad quotes throgh out the movie. "That's when I take a stand. That's when I'm counted as a man! That's when I throw my balls up over my shoulder and charge into the fire!

Ricky M (ag) wrote: B- good, but not great!

Claire T (ag) wrote: love this movie, but it's not my favourite carry on but still a great movie, want it on DVD, it starred Bernard Bresslaw, Kenneth Cope, Charles Hawtrey, Geoffrey Hughes and Kenneth Williams

Kris B (ca) wrote: A great performance from Robert Downey Jr and great use of soft lenses (ahem) that really helps show the chemistry between him and Cybill Sheperd. He truly was tragic for squandering his talents through his younger years.One can't help but ask oneself, "how is this movie supposed to end?", throughout the movie though, which, I guess is the point.Nevertheless they did it well despite the improbable premise.

Spencer K (br) wrote: I expected this to be a lot worse that it was, but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit and laughed a considerable amount. the cast was good and I like this type of animation, but it's script was pretty lackluster. I enjoyed Hell and Back and I thought it was funny enough for an 85 minute little watch.