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Shabab torrent reviews

Cade H (mx) wrote: I really enjoyed the conclusion to this lesser known slasher franchise. Unlike Freddy Kruger and Jason V, Hatchet actually has an ending and there really cannot be anymore made after this third installment. I love how each movie leads right into the next, so this whole series takes place in about a 3 day timeframe. The kills are gory, the blood flows like wine, and plot and acting are just as horrible as ever, but who cares when the movie is just out for fun. If you liked the other 2 films, this one is made of the same mold and will satisfy that itch for an inhuman beast killing people. Each movie the good guys get a little tougher, first it was regular swamp tour goers, then it was alligator hunters and Hatcher III pits him against a Swat team. I really enjoyed this series and I am a little bummed that they sealed the ending so no more can be made.

Benjamin T (ag) wrote: Bon film meme si j'esperai une fin differente...

Debbie N (ru) wrote: Insights to the ge tai world which I have never experienced in my life. Definitely an eye-opener for the younger generation where such culture is fading in Singapore.

Nicholas S (ru) wrote: Very very predictable movie. I'm lucky I never saw this is the cinema!

Daniel S (es) wrote: A very funny performance by Veronica Forque!

Zane F (ru) wrote: An amazing film that really shows the struggles of civilians in the middle of their war torn country.

shameera l (us) wrote: My favourite obsession rite now...the guy in it

Kyle B (ru) wrote: A wonderful film with great performances from Alec Baldwin, James Woods, and Whoopi Goldberg. 1996 was a great year for courtroom movies like this, Primal Fear, and The People V.S. Larry Flynt. Rob Reiner made this movie and it makes you really miss what a great director he used to be. Wonderful screenplay, costumes, and score too

Phil R (gb) wrote: I love this film which really defies classification. It deserves to be more widely seen. So go and track down a copy.

Boto K (au) wrote: I actually prefer the original play. A South African liberation story about students' dreams for a better South Africa and the ultimate price they paid to see that dream become a reality. The soundtrack is amazing.

Jacob G (nl) wrote: What the...... hell?

John B (ag) wrote: "Like 'Cabaret,' but less annoying." - Anna Weaver

Byron B (mx) wrote: Horror icon Vincent Price goes all hammy and over the top. He's not very good at comedy. Frankie Avalon takes all kind of prat falls or causes other characters to do so, but is not really funny either. The movie is filled with all sorts of corny sight gags and slapstick and was a waste of my time.

Carter M (au) wrote: One of Astaire's best performances in a musical. The musical numbers are spectacular (especially Begin the Beguine) and Fred's acting is really solid in this film. An underrated film that deserves more recognition.

Jason P (fr) wrote: omg. I can't believe so many people-sheep rated this movie as high as they did. Terrible. the plot is lame and predictable. Schumacher tries to be clever but it frequently comes off as very clich. Kiefer Sutherland's dialogue is lame and many times laughable, as I found myself chuckling out loud at his many sarcastic and corny one liners. They could have at least made his voice sound more eerie and ominous by presenting it as if it were coming across the telephone line instead of making it sound like a self-talking, self-righteous narrative. Very cookie cutter and very predictable.

Jesse B (nl) wrote: Seems like a lot of films out there want to copy the Bourne films, and this is almost a spin off of it. Storyline is, at best okay but didn't really tell much of anything until you got towards the end.

Jens W (au) wrote: One of the better independent horror movies of the past few years, all things considered.

Justin B (kr) wrote: David Gordon Green sure has a wildly inconsistent filmography. A one joke movie whose joke is never all that funny to begin with.