The film revolves around the life of Tarak, a foley artist of Bengali film. Tarak's job is to create ambient sounds for films, but, he gradually gets trapped in his own world, a world full of sound.

Tarak is a professional foley artist whose obsession with creating sound effects for films makes him oblivious to all the talking around him. As his family and friends struggle to cope up ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shabdo torrent reviews

Ryan W (fr) wrote: This movie is a test to see how long a person will commit to watching absolute drivel. I lasted 6 minutes

Simona G (nl) wrote: Pensavo peggio, questo "Gi al Nord"... Non male, dai.

Erika G (br) wrote: Great Movie, Love Chris Pine's singing voice and liked the fact that his real father played his father in the movie!

Michelle D (mx) wrote: saw this movie a long time ago, it was pretty good, but i could never remember the name and it's been killin me for years.

Carlos Javier P (fr) wrote: Ver a Lestat en el escenario es genial, al igual que las 3 o 3 primeras escenas, la musica original de Davis es excelente pero aparte de eso es solo una completa destruccion a 2 maravillosas novelas de Anne Rice. Muy desagradable.

George N (de) wrote: This was the worst movie I have scene in quite a while. The story is quite simple and predicable but what puts it over the top is acting that would make a Porn worth an Oscar nomination. All the characters are wooden and deliver their lines as if they had an overdose of Ritalin. And for some reason all the cars in the movie have vanity plates with names, my favorite is Chuckie the pink Jeep.

Matt B (de) wrote: A clich-riddled sports drama derivative of other better sports movies. Very forgettable.

D M (es) wrote: An anthology with Vincent Price and John Carradine. The three stories are built around a dance club for monsters. Some decent aspects, but best part was seeing the two master horror actors interact with one another.