Shabhash Daddy

Shabhash Daddy


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Hindi
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Shabhash Daddy torrent reviews

Panta O (ag) wrote: Very different American romantic drama directed by 74-year old Aussie director Fred Schepisi brings a very odd mixture of characters. It brings the vast experience of a winning director, a mature view of life and immature approach and reactions to events from that life in the story, excellent acting, and it almost seems like a tribute for a profession which started all other professions - teaching! I am glad that was screened in the Gala Presentation section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, but this is not Schepisi's best work - far from it!The story background is happening at Croyden, a wealthy prep school in Maine that hires teachers for their advanced courses who are accomplished professionals. Jack Marcus is supposedly one of those - a writer and poet who teach the advanced writing class. He loves who he does, he is good in it, challenging and inspiring his students. Describing how good writing creates an image, like Haiku or John Updyke's descriptions, his students understand the significance of the words. But, despite being a published author, he hasn't written or published anything for years, and gets a writer's block when he tries to write. The school literary magazine, which is his pride and joy, is going to be axed for budgetary reasons, and this alcoholic, who arrives late to work and is on the verge of being fired, decides to fight. It is not easy fighting back when school hears that he has been banned from the local restaurant because of his drunken behaviour and his adult son from his marriage becomes estranged because of Jack's drinking and irresponsibility... Jack still does it, with a very unlikely partner!I think that we would all have difficulty finding a romantic drama these days with such less sympathetic characters as Jack Marcus (Clive Owen) and Dina Delsanto (Juliette Binoche). Old fashioned directing felt very comfortable but the odd thing here was the screenplay. At the end felt like few life moments put together for some eulogy not a carefully edited artistic creation - mainly because of the very unconventionally structured screenplay. It seems that t the end I enjoyed it, but my thoughts are that this could be an outstanding film if the screenplay was different.

Stuart B (ru) wrote: Rainman Chuck Norris meets Home Alone

Wave C (ru) wrote: For The Action Scene Of This Movie It Is Came With A Strong Action Scene With Some Bloody Fun But When We Look At This Plot It Is Just Like Not The Novel Anymore

Emily B (jp) wrote: Sounds like a horrible ordeal for the poor man, but I don't feel the need to watch it

David S (jp) wrote: V For Vendetta is a graphic novel written by Alan Moore that dives into drama, thriller, action, suspense and mystery. V For Vendetta is an excellent film that takes you on a ride from start to end. It gets slow but it doesn't effect the film. Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman put on wonderful performances, especially Hugo Weaving as V. This film is very artistic and provocative. It's a personal favorite, I always enjoy whenever I can watch this masterpiece and work of art.

Dilnawa K (us) wrote: This movie is awful. None of it makes sense. How do movies like this get made?

Alexander C (mx) wrote: This was very clever where women could not be on the stage and how one mans jealousy. Slowly transitions to love and acceptance. A nice period piece with a heartful story.

Orlok W (it) wrote: The fine line between love and hate--A Showcase of Contradictions, Intelligent and Pertinent!!

Tiberio S (us) wrote: The greatest filmmakers are a step ahead of the rest, they are aware of the associations an audience will have with the most minute detail. They are sensitive to these details and do not overlook them. When I saw Bunuel's El Bruto, I was not confident his mind worked this way. But Tristana proved a different experience entirely, nothing about it felt like the same filmmaker. In fact, thus far in my experience with Bunuel, he's the only auteur I can't identify through the three films I've seen, those two plus Andalusian Dog. They are so various in their entire approach - content, photography, editing, all around form - that nothing thus far makes me go: Bunuel.Tristana's beauty is the first instance of association we make in our mind. We see her, we see the old man Lope, already we wonder if he will make advances on her. He will, however disturbing the idea may be given he's her guardian.Poor Saturno thinks that now because he and Tristana are both handicapped, he has a better shot with her. His advances fail. Can't he just get a peak? What's next for him - will he go on living? As soon as he bends down to pick up that rock, my mind automatically assumes he'll be persistent in his advance and ask her to flash him. She does so, backing him into the garden where he presumably masturbates to the image. I was hoping more would be made of this relationship, but it suggests she is carefree of the consequences to anything. However, she's already been here, so it's nothing new. It is a statement that she has no loyalty to Lope, even if he took her in sick.There's a great shot of Saturno wheeling Tristana through a courtyard past a baby carriage while she's eating a cone - she recognizes the association, that some part of her is lapping the luxury of being a big baby now.This film is somewhat an exercise in cruelty, that the love in a man's heart is superficial. When Tristana becomes sick, her new lover, the artist Horatio, brings her back to Lope for care. Lope accepts and wants Horatio kept away, but when he finds out she has to amputate her leg, he tries bringing Horatio back into the picture. This scenario fails, Horatio checking his watch, anticipating his visitation time being up as she tries to entertain him with a piano suite. She senses he doesn't love her, and pushes him away. Now she's all to Lope, who still wants to be with her, but who she does not feel anything for besides what she knows she can use him for.The end is confusing. I can't say exactly for sure what we're looking at. The dream of Lope's swinging bell-rung head recurs, mixed in with other replaying images from the film, and finally back where we started, the field where they arrived with Saturno, but instead of entering, they're exiting.

Orlok W (es) wrote: Enjoyable Monster Flick!!

Thomas B (kr) wrote: An incredible screenplay which the main players tear into with formidable talent. Full review later.

Miguel R (gb) wrote: Comedy done right thanks to Cameron Crowe's dazzling direction, Jerry Maguire is a humorous, touching, and memorable good time

Hkon S (br) wrote: Brilliant! First class cast and a plot as tight as a ***** ***** ***** (nope, not sure what that stands for either - but it's tight). Keeps you guessing all the way through to the end. Clever and entertaining dialogue throughout.