Shabondama Elegy

Shabondama Elegy

A man condemned to death and on the run has a last intense sexual relationship with a porn actress.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Dutch,Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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This transnational production featuring a South African- born director, a Dutch leading man, and a Japanese cast and crew tells the story of a passionate love affair between a convict and a porn star, which is undone by greed and private ghosts. Escaping from the Japanese police, Jack meets Keiko, a money-hungry adult film actress and the younger sister of his ex-wife. He takes refuge in her flat and soon they fall in love. Jack is unable to leave her apartment because he quickly learns that both the police and the dreaded yakuza are after the criminal. He grows distraught and despondent, spending hour upon hour alone as Keiko works long hours on the set. At one point, Keiko visits the yakuza don who placed the hit on Jack and agrees to hand him over in exchange for a pile of cash. But she has one stipulation: that she get to spend three days with her soon-to-be deceased lover. The boss agrees only if she engages in kinky sex with him. The deal seems set until unforeseen events occur. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Giorgos V (gb) wrote: ???? ? ???? animation ?? ?? ??

Maria T (kr) wrote: Apparently, this is very "Last Horror Movie" but made on a budget of 45 dollars. Gotta see it.

Jennifer J (ca) wrote: Bacic is seriously hot ... which is about the only thing that made it watchable. The story was confusing ... but the plot resolution and some of the fight scenes were good. Wished they'd put more into the whole movie, though.

Pablo C (ru) wrote: Ryan Gosling, qu grande eres!

MEC r (au) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

Stuart K (jp) wrote: Directed by Tony Scott, who had just come off the spy and espionage themed Enemy of the State (1998), and written by Michael Frost Beckner (Cutthroat Island (1995) and Prince Valiant (1997)), this is a hard-edged spy film with a lot of flash backs and flash forwards. But, this works against it. You can't deny Scott is perfect to make a film like this, and it is well made, but it's not a film you can fully engage with. In 1991, CIA spy Tom Bishop (Brad Pitt) is caught in China trying to free Englishwoman Elizabeth Hadley (Catherine McCormack). Bishop will be assassinated in 24 hours unless the U.S. Government claim him. However, if the U.S admit to the Chinese that Bishop is an agent, it would risk jeopardising a potential trade agreement between the U.S. and China happening in a few days. CIA case officer Nathan Muir (Robert Redford) is asked to come up with a solution, as he recruited Bishop to join the CIA in 1975 just after the Vietnam War. Muir tells his superiors all this and their operations together, and he comes up with a dangerous rescue plan. With 2 good leads and a top director experienced in films like this, it should have been a success, but it ends up being quite half-hearted and it feels derivative. However, there are scenes with Redford and Pitt together in the flashbacks, and they're the scenes that work the best.

Anatoly S (br) wrote: A drama-comedy about a girl who faints at a high school reunion and wakes up in her own past. Good setup, great actors, lots of fun scenes, but it starts stronger than it finishes. The final act and the ending are disappointing. You can still CHECK IT OUT since it's quite fun at times.

Kelly K (it) wrote: I don't get what all the hype is about. I finally watched this for the first time and it was very... forgettable. Maybe in the '80s this was fresh, and bold and unique. But in 2015 it is boring and dull. Wasn't worth my time.

Anthony V (ru) wrote: More Terence Hill fun.

Brett W (kr) wrote: Catchy. Just doesn't do the same thing as the original.

Sutthirak P (br) wrote: Vivien Leigh gave another best performance in this great romantic drama. She's so beautiful, sentimental and naturally perfect. She put a woman soul into Myra more than Scarlett in "Gone with the Wind" (1939). Robert Taylor was also compelling. The music was like a lead character too. "Swan Lake theme" & "Auld Lang Syne" were meaningful and perfect for the movie's context. Lighting design made these black-and-white scenes look more gorgeous than I've ever experienced.

PY C (fr) wrote: I expected something very funny similar to bridesmaid however it's just way too depressing. And I find that Isla FIsher's character didn't suit her at all.

Camille L (fr) wrote: S'il n'y a absolument rien d'exceptionnel dans cette comdie burlesque, Honeymoon in Vegas est un film plutt drle, franchement trs sympathique, inoffensif et ne souffrant d'aucun temps mort. Andrew Bergman parvient donc garder un bon rythme dans cette course-poursuite travers Las Vegas et Hawaii entre le trs drle Nicolas Cage et l'inquitant James Caan pour rcuprer Sarah Jessica Parker. Ce n'est jamais trs fin mais c'est divertissant et c'est tout ce qui compte pour ce genre d'entreprise.

Van R (kr) wrote: Burt Reynolds, Clint Walker, and Ossie Davis make up a threesome of thieves in "Rough Night in Jericho" director Arnold Laven's comic western "Sam Whiskey" about an elaborate "Mission: Impossible" heist at the Denver Mint in the 19th century. Actually, Laura Breckenridge (busty Angie Dickinson of "Rio Bravo") uses her natural endowments to seduce free booting adventurer Sam Whiskey (Burt Reynolds of "Mystery, Alaska") to pull the ultimate job. First, Sam must raise a quarter of a million dollars in gold ingots from a sunken riverboat at the bottom of the Platte River. Second, he must then substitute the real gold for the gold-painted lead bars in the Denver mint with nobody the wiser or Laura may wind up serving time in prison. Third, he must get away without getting caught so he can enjoy the $20-thousand that she is paying him to pull the job. Before Sam can pull the job, he has to convince his old inventor buddy O.W. Bandy (Clint Walker of "None But The Brave") and his new blacksmith pal Jed Hooker (Ossie Davis of "BubbaHo-Tep") to help him. Jed likes the five grand that Sam is going to pay him, but O.W. is reluctant to join them because he was to devote his time to his inventions. Sam lures O.W. into a liquor drinking contest and gets O.W. so drunk that he passes out and doesn't awaken until Sam and Jed are well on the way to the Platte River to fetch the gold. Initially, O.W. isn't pleased with Sam's conniving ways and he climbs out of the wagon and grasps the back wheel so it won't roll. Eventually, O.W. and Sam reach an agreement and they continue to the river. Little do our heroes know it but they are being trailed by a suspicious looking gent wearing thick lensed glasses who likes to surround himself with plug-ugly, hardcase types to do his dirty work. O.W. devises a breathing apparatus that involves a bellows to pump air through a lengthy hose that is attached to a bucket. The diver has to go fifteen feet to the riverboat and look down at his hands and feet to find his way around. Just as our heroes are getting a knack for diving, the villain, known only as 'the Fat Man' (Rick Davis of "What Waits Below") and his men overpower O.W. as well Jed who were out in the boat. Meanwhile, Sam--diving when the villains arrive--hides in the smokestack of the river boat. The villains end up doing the heavy lifting and pull the entire quarter of a million in gold off the ship. Sam swims back to shore as the villains are about to hang Jed and O.W. and rescues them, gets the gold, and leaves the villains the worse for their wear. Afterward, our heroes penetrate the Denver Mint after Laura kidnaps Treasury Inspector Thorston Bromley (Woodrow Parfrey of "Planet of the Apes") and holds him as a hostage while Sam impersonates him so he can get into the mint. Director Arnold Laven uses comedy to lessen the far-fetched nature of this western outing and Reynolds delivers a crisp comic performance. Burt Reynolds fans who haven't seen "Sam Whiskey" are missing a real treat.

Brandon V (kr) wrote: This movie is pretty terrific when it's just two guys bickering and fighting for survival in the scorching desert -- Duhamel and Fogler deliver career bests -- but when it tries to be anything more than that it sort of fails miserably... and laughably. That's just so unfortunate because, yeah, when "Scenic Route" is at its best, it's just plain dope, brergi. God almighty that ending was shitty, though.

Jordan R M (ag) wrote: Nothing spectacular...reasonable made for TV historical film