An aspiring teacher (Hughley) takes the one job he's offered, a position at a school inside a prison.

An aspiring teacher (Hughley) takes the one job he's offered, a position at a school inside a prison. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shackles torrent reviews

Peter S (gb) wrote: A real surprise of a film coming from Bollywood, a thriller that surprises to the end. All round great film that is original and suspenseful.

Johnny L (de) wrote: Effective storytelling that stirs up one's sense of justice. Three main stories are presented. However, the third and final story has some holes and is a yet unverified case.

elin t (gb) wrote: I loved the ending:)Ooooooooooppppppppssssss, Tommy didn't go to France, he was in prison.......

Stuart D (ca) wrote: Fine documentary about Joy Division, one of the most important bands in British history.It's a step by step recount of the forming of the band thru to the sad death of Ian Curtis. The influences on the band from art direction to the music production of Martin Hannett. A wide range of contributors are on hand telling their versions of the story including Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook & of course Tony Wilson just before his passing.Perhaps not for anyone who is not interested in Joy Division of the post punk movement. Still there's always X-Factor for those people.

Sexy M (it) wrote: The first mask he wore gave me an erection but this one gave me half of one. Do not recommend to anyone who wants to fap.

Nick A (us) wrote: Deceit is the overriding theme and each character has their own variation on it. Overall, a bit too claustrophobic and eccentric for its own good.

Scott A (br) wrote: Basically like all the others...lots of.corn and kids tou wanna smack the crap out of.But this one had some big cameos like kane Hodder and Fred Williamson....not to mention a younger Eva Mendez.But its weird the lead in real life a tranny now.

Griffin S (de) wrote: i liked the book more

Sarah F (fr) wrote: I would like to see this, i think...

James C (au) wrote: I don't think this film knows exactly what it's trying to be. There are some funny moments, but overall it just feels a bit odd (and not in any particularly compelling manner).

Chris B (mx) wrote: Pure unadulterated cheese! Bad singing, over-acting extras and Abba songs do not an Oscar winner make but for a fun film which quite deftly uses Abba's back catalogue to weave a story it's not half bad.

Jairo A (jp) wrote: The critics didn't like this movie, the audience seemed to like it, I agree with the critics on this one! The Inbetweeners tries to be a combination of American Pie and The Hangover movies but it just falls short. It's not a bad movie but it is average overall. With that said, it did have some good parts and yes some of the parts were funny but it lacked continuity & it needed better actors to take it to the next level. 5/10 or 2.5/5

Selyna B (kr) wrote: Movie was pretty good up until 1 hour and about 20 minutes in... then that one part completely messed up the entire movie... it's 2016, come on get it together with the visuals... jeesh.