Shades of Zorro

Shades of Zorro


A battle between revolutionary Mexicans and the U.S. cavalry brings Zorro onto the scene to enact vengeance for violent acts incurred by the cavalry Sergeant. Once the Sergeant is killed, Don Jose de la Torre retires from being Zorro and settles down to live a quiet life. The brother of the Sergeant, in an act of his own justice, dons the costume of Zorro and terrorizes the countryside. In an act to draw out the true Zorro, the imposter kidnaps Don Jose's wife, making him once again don the mask to rescue her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shades of Zorro torrent reviews

WS W (br) wrote: Haphazard, although the cars chasing scenes are still impressive.

Z (fr) wrote: quite cool n childish movie...LuvLy!!

bill s (nl) wrote: Why do people still hire David Spade??????

Ia L (fr) wrote: Uhmmm...nice title. ^*^

Jenefer C (au) wrote: superb acting from Hellen Mirren and Kyra Sedgwick

John M (kr) wrote: Confusing and overly metaphorical, full of detestable characters I was just as happy to see come to a messy (and ludicrous) end. Other than the assets of Ms Cruz on full display, not much to recommend it.

Jerrod B (jp) wrote: The Fangoria gem doesn't get the attention it deserves. It's everything a fun B-movie should be, and the vampires have some pretty original qualities.

joel k (es) wrote: Will never grow tired of this imaginative movie that is great for kids or grown up kids like me.

Callum M (fr) wrote: Excellent french comedy about a corrupt policeman.This film taught me how to swear in french.

Tristan P (gb) wrote: Light, fairly uneven film with a few good parts but with the exceptions of Casey at the Bat, After You've Gone, Peter and the Wolf, and The Whale who Wanted to Sing at the Met, hardly anything memorable.

Mike J (ru) wrote: Always loved this movie!