When a young soldier leaves for a mountain biking excursion, he meets the girl of his dreams as well as a group of violent locals who want to see them dead at any cost.

When a young soldier leaves for a mountain biking excursion, he meets the girl of his dreams as well as a group of violent locals who want to see them dead at any cost

Shadow is the best excited movies torrent of Federico Zampaglione, Domenico Zampaglione, Giacomo Gensini. This movie was introduced in 2009. We can counted many actors in this movie torrents, such as Michael Bershad, Bruce Bohne, John Apicella, Jake Muxworthy, Karina Testa, Ottaviano Blitch, Chris Coppola, Emilio De Marchi, Nuot Arquint. Movie' genres are Horror. The rating is 5.5 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movies torrent. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Abril S (kr)

the music is from angels and airwaves :D!!

andy m (es)

Not the worst movie but then again not the best. All the city slicker references and jokes would have fit in better somewhere else. Its odd how they make dale out to be some backwoods redneck in new York! I would have defiantly made the location a southern place instead of the country side of new York. One thing I did enjoy was the plot and a few characters were alright. Not my favorite movie but certainly had some good moments. This movie is alright I guess, One thing that bothered me was the family it seemed as if they were hired to be in a Disney movie but wondered onto the wrong set and the director decided to use them anyway

Brett B (ca)

Lugosi is always entertaining, even at the worst of times, but he is undercut by the laughably shoddy "effects" work, which turns the film into a total farce. Pure nonsensical silliness

Bryanna G (nl)

This movie is AWSOME!

Denny L (br)

Daniela Bianchi > Ursula Andress

Dustin M (ag)

Those are really the only high points of this film that took a decent concept, dropped the ball on it and decided to go for it anyway. Christopher Lee dancing and singing about alcohol in a song that's finale sounds like it ripped off Born To Run. The President saying "Bullshit" for a whole minute straight

Eleshia B (au)

One of my favorite movies. Lots of laughs throughout. This is a great story about a dysfunctional family

Kaysi P (au)

Couldn't take my eyes away from the screen. Full of excitement. Amazing film with a captivating storyline

Matthew C (mx)

nyways, your heart may be warmed and the tears jerked but maybe read the book instead and you'll get that and more!. By the way, the attack scene is very poorly done. We watched it mainly because we visited the spot where Bethany was attacked. Watching it with my wife after our Hawaiian honeymoon where I injured my arm (didn't lose it) was somewhat nostalgic and cool. BUT! BUT it has heart, it has meaning, and messages that still resound. I'm bagging on this because it's just like dozens of other Christian boring by the book forgettable filmmaking that makes Christian filmmaking look bad in the eyes of the pros. Bethany Hamilton is an amazing person and the film delivers every once and a great while when they let her true story take over, otherwise they're getting in the way. You could write a book on how things are so smothered in sugar that the conflict is cheesy and the characters one dimensional. Amateur filmmaking, and art that is meandering and so assembly line. Luckily Quaid's and Hunt's performances somewhat ground everything. No offense to Kevin Sorbo either, he's a great Christian guy who's worked a long time but his acting was bad, although Carrie Underwood makes everyone else's acting comparable to Brando's. I'm not kidding, as a director you need to get the actors to stop pretending, and as a writer you need to set your actors up for success. The lines are awful, the emotion is sucked right out of the scenes by melodramatic cliched bad performances, and the shots are all over the place. Now I'm sure it was a lot of fun to make this film, except maybe when getting the perfect surf shot just wasn't happening, but the acting, directing, and writing, the THREE BIG THINGS you need to make a movie work out of the gate is boring at best, terrible at worst. VO montages). e. The movie is very plain, very uncreative, and filled with tough techniques to pull off (i. True stories are gold but in Soul Surfer the most emotional parts are either because you believe in the same things (Christianity) or are the real life footage reels. I'll give it a 50% in stars because it does pull at your heart, especially if you're a sappy, sentimental, Christian, film-lover like me, but it also makes you laugh in the wrong places and heave in your mouth especially if you're a student of film, want films to be great, and believe true stories deserve the best treatment - like I do

Maxim S (es)

One of the best films ever period. I registered on this god forgotten site just to say that people who give this film low rating either don't understand anything in film-making or just didn't live the life