Shadow Company

Shadow Company

Documentary about the mercenaries and contractors working in modern wars.

Thousands of private soldiers operate in Iraq alone... and many more around the world. These individuals, known as private security contractors, are changing the face of modern warfare ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shadow Company torrent reviews

Matthew J (kr) wrote: A great first half, but the second half is a downward spiral into mediocrity.

Nadine M (mx) wrote: Was a great view on how woman are judged and exploited in society. All pre teen and teens need to watch this

Jay A (br) wrote: Featuring Blood, Guts and Gore but had some Flaws on the plot and the Victims are so interesting, flat and boring but overall this prequel made Leatherface pure Badass!

Mike H (br) wrote: if you know me, find this movie and watch it. the music is unbelievable.

Alberto M (ca) wrote: I really loved the offbeat romance and the artsy bits. Great performances from both lead actor, specially from John Hanna. He is such an underated performer.

Andrs V (es) wrote: Not bad, music alright.

Ed Q (us) wrote: "Bunny Lake"'s intriguing setup quickly devolves into complete rubbish.

Isadore H (jp) wrote: Keanu Reeves is great as John Constantine, and the appropriately dark storyline makes for a chilling and intriguing tale of a spiritual warrior who sees demons walk the earth. The few flaws this film had were masked by the great performances and special effects that it had to offer. Constantine is a great watch, one I'd recommend to anyone who likes darker films.

Tim M (kr) wrote: A heavily atmospheric and boldly abstract Viking film that borders on drowning in its own mythology; "Valhalla Rising" is nonetheless as captivating as it is strangely beautiful.

Lee M (fr) wrote: This quirky and oddly nightmarish film doesn't always make sense but certainly gets points for trying.