Shadow Lake

Shadow Lake

A writer's mysterious disappearance on an ice-covered lake holds the clues to a missing gemstone and a grisly murder.

A writer's mysterious disappearance on an ice-covered lake holds the clues to a missing gemstone and a grisly murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allison M (it) wrote: I think that anyone who isn't kept on the edge of their seat by this movie hasn't watched it all the way through.

Kenny O (it) wrote: Better than first!!!!

Eric H (de) wrote: Andrew Divoff reprises his role as The Wishmaster in this sequel . He once again gives a great performance . The rest of the cast is fairly forgetable though.The main problem with this sequel is that it has a very low budget so while some of the effects work well alot of them just look too cheap to be convincing . Recommended only because of Andrew's great performance.

Justin O (br) wrote: One of Keaton's few OK movies after Batman.

Irene R (br) wrote: obsession. an inexplicable, illogical and mute passion. the "sadness" that will be present in all of the heroes by the end of the story. this movie needs no words. it spreads the whole emotion through the eyes... watching, wanting, longing. i could call it dramatic. tense. sexual. oh and Jeremy Irons is irresistible, as always. five stars.

jay n (fr) wrote: Fun as a view to the tenor of the times it was made with a VERY 70's vibe, although no one says "let's rap" fortunately, that's it major attraction.

Olli H (fr) wrote: One of the best so-called commando/strike force movies ever made. Plus Clint Eastwood is so cool he even has a magic pistol with unlimited ammo than runs out only when a villain get's a hold of it. That was cool.

Deanne H (it) wrote: somewhat boring and frequently politically incorrect, but still shocking. most like an episode of national geographic.

Allan C (es) wrote: A touped Burt Reynolds is essentially Shane in this weak action/thriler. Just substitute ex-CIA for ex-gunfighter and ranchers for white supremacists. It's essentially a 1980s equivalent to the Steven Segal and Wesley Snipes direct-to-video action films. You could say this film is to Sharkey's Machine as Driven to Kill is to Under Siege. It mostly get's the 2 1/2 stars for the solid cast, which includes Cliff Robertson, Kenneth McMillan, Cynthia Gibb, Lauren Hutton, Scott Wilson and the always great Tracey Walter.

Paul D (br) wrote: It's a fairly standard western storyline, but done well enough, with a gritty intensity to it.

Cody M (de) wrote: Great conclusion to a great series!