Shadow of Chinatown

Shadow of Chinatown

Feature version of the 1936 serial "Shadow of Chinatown."

A madman sets out to destroy a group of Chinatown merchants. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shadow of Chinatown torrent reviews

Bryan G (mx) wrote: Good movie, the ending was stupid though.

JeanNicolas T (fr) wrote: Can you startt with a brainless, yet funny and inventive, action flick, and then get wiser and wiser until you release a deep and enlightning movie ?Well I'm still waiting to see that happen - here they tried, and failed.The rule of "the third movie is never as good as the previous two" seems to be a real malediction...Mind you. I like stupid fun movies as much as I like smart movies.What I don't like is when movies try to appear smarter than they really are.I didn't mind the fact that the 2 previous Ong Bak didn't have a real scenario, because anyways, they didn't try too hard. This one however does try... But mainly it's a long series of clichs :pThis movie is easy to watch and occasionally fun though, Jaa's fighting is still great.Good enough if you've seen the 2 previous ones - otherwise, forget it.

Noel C (it) wrote: A junkiefied Groundhog Day

Walter M (au) wrote: In the 14th century(almost definitely B.C.), Rama is in line for the throne. But that is derailed by a promise by the current king that causes Rama to be exiled for 14 years. His true love, Sita, joins him in exile. Not soon after, she is kidnapped by Ravana. In modern day San Francisco, Nina and Dave live a life of contentment together with their cat. One day, he gets a six-month job offer in India which he accepts. "Sita Sings the Blues" is a mesmerizing and immensely entertaining movie that mixes a wide variety of animation styles in the service of the neat trick of pulling the epic Ramayana(which sounds familiar) into the modern day by injecting it alongside a possibly autobiographical storyline. Plus, we get commentary on the ancient text that is as playful as it is thought provoking. Even the intermission is fun. And then there are the blues songs which fit into the narrative perfectly, all in a positively feminist way.

David W (au) wrote: WHY DOESN'T EVERYONE KNOW ABOUT THIS MOVIE?!Two baseball players, surviving a zombie apocalypse, butt heads over how to survive and what survival really means in this excellent horror-drama.The two leads (Jeremy Gardner and Adam Cromhien) work magic with clever dialogue and long takes to amp the emotion, the suspense, and the horror.Gardner, who also wrote and directed THE BATTERY, has created something that looks great that was made for only $6,000.Fans of THE WALKING DEAD would love this movie.Now excuse me while I go purchase the soundtrack to THE BATTERY.

Liam G (it) wrote: I like movies that tell diffrent stories in a original way so fair play.

Thomas B (fr) wrote: It's a lite comedy and a "wanna be" mob movie that works.

Brian P (gb) wrote: A well made but totally predictable movie. I wasn't excited to see it but it was fun. Woody Harrelson is an ex-con who gets caught up in a phony kidnapping scheme where everything goes wrong. I didn't think Elisabeth Shue was all that great in it and Michael Rapport continues to amaze me with still getting work, but the rest of the cast was solid. Film noir lite.

Javor B (fr) wrote: This picture looks into its lead character`s psyche as profoundly as a Bergman film does!

Zachary D (kr) wrote: anything with gary busey is a must see. the ridiculous plot of this movie makes you laugh all the way through the bloody action.