Shadow of the Wolf

Shadow of the Wolf

In the 1930's, Agaguk lives his traditional Inuit life. But one day, there is a murder in the tribe and Agaguk becomes a suspect. Soon he becomes persecuted by Henderson, a mean mountie, and he must flee through the cold winter of Northen Quebec.

In the 1930's, Agaguk lives his traditional Inuit life. But one day, there is a murder in the tribe and Agaguk becomes a suspect. Soon he becomes persecuted by Henderson, a mean mountie, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew F (fr) wrote: A hilarious black surreal comedy ripping apart modern Japanese culture (work and the corporate ethic, family, sex, sushi, male dominance, bukkake). R100 means you have to be 100 to see it, which means you were born in 1913, so you lived through most of the big 20th century changes in Japan. On the surface it's about a man whose wife is in a coma and he hires a bondage company to humiliate him for a year, but, apart from odd moments of Joy and Beethoven's 9th symphony, it doesn't quite turn out how he wants. It's a Japanese Clockwork Orange; it's a Japanese IF...I dare anyone to watch the first 2'46" and not be hooked (althhough it is true that nothing in it beats these first few minutes)! And Lindsay Kay Hayward is fabulous in it.

Ling E (ru) wrote: Another masterpiece of Lau Ching Wan. Love it. Forgive and choice.

Akshay R (it) wrote: A great action spectacle, containing all the ingredients an action movie buff can be satisfied with!

Jayakrishnan R (br) wrote: 87%Watched this on 13/11/14Sean Penn provides his career best performance and you cannot see a better way in which an autistic character can be portrayed on cinema. Michelle Pfeiffer also provides an excellent work and Dakota Fanning is adorable. The film is well directed, but at times it(the script) seems unrealistic. You can make a film about such a sensitive issue and cover it all up in melodrama and you can provide an ending that one might believe to be most realistic, but isn't it what most films do? wouldn't that be a cliche? But unfortunately the critics do not understand it and most of them isn't even convinced of Penn's acting. It is easy to criticize because people who have nothing to do can do it easily, but the real pain is always there in the making of it. This movie has an ending that we all want to see and it presents that in a most realistic way that the script is capable of providing.

Let Me Show You A Something BRAND NEW (br) wrote: this movie is 2 hot i love it

Michael Z (au) wrote: Awake is a joyless thriller with no intelligence, asinine characters, and drearily bland performances.*0.5/4*

Vivien C (ca) wrote: [font=Arial]I watched ?Among Giants? without knowing who exactly are in the movie. It came as a surprise to find out Pete Postlethwaite and Rachel Griffiths lead the film. The impression of Rachel in ?Hilary and Jack? is still vivid, since I recently watched that one for the second or third times. As for Pete, It has been a long time since I saw his credibly acclaimed ?in the name of the father?. His performance in ?Among Giants? bring back memory how good he was in ? in the name of the father?. He was not at all outshined by Daniel day-Lewis. [/font][font=Arial]They played an unlikely couple, having huge age difference between them. Yet it?s not all unlikely they would fall for each other. They both have this unique characteristic in them. There was full frontal scene of Pete which really surprised me (considering he is not really that young). Yet he played it out so naturally, I even find these coolness and sexiness in him. [/font] [font=Arial]Though some of the scenes are good, the script is kind of weak, ending totally predictable. This is the kind of movie that you see the actors, not about the story or direction. [/font]

Lalit P (ag) wrote: His only Hindi film is also one of his weakest scripts.

John A (de) wrote: An excellent final feature from Ford. The drama consistently feels confined, the characters large in their small world, always brought together in tight spaces, which of course leads to conflict. Only a couple of lines of dialogue feel out of place, and Ford's placement of the camera feels fresh and interesting.

Tom M (it) wrote: Very funny social commentary. Especially trenchant in its depiction of prison life, life on a factory assembly line, and the many similarities. Charming lead characters add to this movie's many pleasures. Without knowing more about Clair it's hard to tell whether the final depiction of a workers' paradise is a genuine Marxist fantasy or a parody. A major influence on Chaplin's Modern Times.

Chris P (mx) wrote: There are so many great Kurt Russell movies. This is one of them.