Shadow Puppets

Shadow Puppets

Director Michael Winnick's chilling tale stars James Marsters as Jack, one of eight captives who awaken in an abandoned asylum not knowing who they are or why they are together. They discover that they've been used in an experiment to erase disturbing memories, but instead, a murderous creature has been unleashed. Reaching out from the shadows, the monster hunts the eight strangers as they race to escape the asylum.

A woman and a man awake in individual white cells in an abandoned prison or mental institution wearing only underwear and without any memory. They hear a strange and creepy noise and decide... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David G (jp) wrote: Anti-war drama from Ken Loach about private military contractor Fergus (Mark Womack) whose best friend and fellow merc Frankie (played interestingly enough by comedian John Bishop) is killed in action in Iraq. Suspecting Frankie was killed by his own as part of a cover-up, Fergus begins an intense investigation and soon begins to lose himself. It's an engaging drama with strong performances that fearlessly addresses some of the more sensitive realities of the war in Iraq but at the same time is incredibly bleak and joyless - appropriate, sure, but the lack of levity or even small speck of hope doesn't make it an easy film to sit through. Also, the relentless swearing, as realistic as it is, does grow tiresome after a while.

Jose D (de) wrote: El director de FUNNY HA HA presenta un film sobre dos hermanas gemelas, una con discapacidad motriz y otra lesbiana, que conviven en un hogar medianamente teniendo relacin una con otra.Muy distintas en sus comportamietos y caracter, frente a un film que no ahonda demasiado en temas vinculados a los personajes sino debilmente presentando conexion alguna entre ellos. No hay conflicto, una experiencia que no despierta grandes aptitudes en materia cinematogrfica salvo pasar un placentero momento, agradable, pero sin profundidad alguna.4/10

Dr F P (us) wrote: The whole concept, visuals and Anthony Stewart Head are really valuable elements to Repo! I know opera is the point but as a film I just can't help but think "can you just not talk instead"? Some of the talk-y sing-y parts just aren't smooth and I find my innards trying to escape deeper inside of my body but there's nowhere for them to go. Dont get me wrong, some of the songs are very good and i would have preferred this production if it had been in the vein of a musical. The ACTUAL opera performance towards the end was awesome. I just dont think singing everything all the time ever sounds great. My favourite parts of the movie are the costumes, set design of the graveyard and the general visual appeal of things. This whole world is a fantastic dystopia that I feel could have been taken better advantage of if there was less focus on trying to be melodic when ultimately I find it to be cringe inducing. Anthony Stewart Head has a fantastic character that I very much enjoyed and I think there's lots of potential for more content to be created regarding this universe.

Carl B (es) wrote: I liked the complexity of the story, and the assassination aspect, but I didn't like how they had his staff fawn all over him like he was some sort of angel.

Sol C (nl) wrote: The film wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. It kind of reminded me of movies like Street Kings and Dark Blue. I didn't like the style or structure of the film. Stephen Dorff did a great job here. James Woods also delivers solid supporting work here.

Christopher P (ag) wrote: fun and heartwarming. it gets schmaltzy in the end, predictably so, but not so over the top it's annoying. i'd be interested in knowing more about "zebraman" and the inspiration for this film/character.

Canelita M (jp) wrote: beautiful, tragic, and artistically marvelous

Private U (ca) wrote: the best one out of the series!!!

Nyk P (ru) wrote: Great movie that is often overlooked, about a 12 year old dealing drugs in Brooklyn. Samuel L Jackson is only in it as an extended cameo but he gives the film some much needed backbone. Great performance from Sean Nelson in the lead role too. 7/10

Emily L (us) wrote: I love this movie for no good reason

Jeffrey C (mx) wrote: I finally saw it. It almost lived up to all the positive and negative hype.

Cita W (ru) wrote: It's made purely to shock and disturb people with its explicit portrayal of the horrible life of the slaves back in the early days. It shouldn't be labelled as documentary since it's politically incorrect.

Conner R (jp) wrote: The first part in John Ford's Cavalry Trilogy and it's a complete epic. It's hard to find any mistakes, potholes or dull spots; probably because they don't exist. This is a wonderful story with great characters, messages, and overall outlook concerning the west. Henry Fonda went against his usual personality and plays quite a flawed man, sick with a case of too much pride. John Wayne plays a supporting role in this, but his character is so important to the plot that he completely overshadows everyone else. He might have a fraction of some of the others lines, but he's there when it means something.

Paul D (kr) wrote: Has a strained style that sometimes feels like a television movie, and it's not overly obvious what genre this film in after the first 15 minutes, however the drama of the situation does eventually take over.

Russ B (ag) wrote: 6/12/2015: A pretty good movie. A nice story with some laughs.