James Conners comes home to the town of Legend, New Mexico in 1865 to avenge his fathers death against the ruthless Will Tunney. Along the way he re-captures his long lost love Mary Cooper. With the chance to take Will Tunney he must choose revenge or redemption.

James Conners comes home to the town of Legend, New Mexico in 1865 to avenge his fathers death against the ruthless Will Tunney. Along the way he re-captures his long lost love Mary Cooper.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Courtney K (ag) wrote: the bank robber's story pained me the most. the martial arts guy made me laugh. the terrorist made me re-think. and the gay ex-evangelist made me smile.

Lid M (us) wrote: Me encanto!!! quiero un Jake

Samith P (fr) wrote: A good story line for a dance movie

Jim H (it) wrote: Two FBI agents question witnesses of a brutal slaying.As this film began, I thought it was going to be a post-modern Rashomon -- the same story told from multiple perspectives with the post-modern conception that truth is mutable. David Lynch's daughter at the helm only furthered my suspicions. However, the characters' stories merely serve as diving boards for the director's objective reality, so the film has no post-modern twist or any original concept driving it forward. Lynch uses her father's scare tactics, slow shots of looming devilish figures straight out of a Carl Jung handbook for "scary," but these flourishes bore with over-use.Bill Pullman and Julia Ormond are stolid until the last act, during which they become cartoons. The antics of the police officers and most of the other characters are so outlandish that they defy credulity; even in a small, out-of-the-way town, there's no way these officers could have gotten this far shooting out random travelers' tires and sexually assaulting drivers.Overall, Lynch proves that she's her father's daughter, but she's without his ideas, which makes her a copycat, a poor excuse for the original.

Logan M (mx) wrote: As Kevin Smith's most original film, it's funny and smart, and manages to keep its comedic tone even in its most serious moments.

Andres G (br) wrote: its hard to watch. the only cool moment its when the pink ZEO ranger falls into the water in mid morph. when they get their new powers and when divatox its on screen. the rest its unwatchable.

Alex P (es) wrote: Will Ferrell goes for a 2nd serious role. Compared to stranger than fiction, this has a bit more comedy in it, but it's nothing as silly as anchorman.

Scott C (ag) wrote: Good premise - poorly executed.

tim c (br) wrote: greatest movie ever my opion of course lol damn i wish i could of been there

Graydon B (jp) wrote: Still a fantastic science-fiction film, Alien is just a gory, fun, and even scary at parts experience. I still view this as one of the best science-fiction films ever made!

Wendy M (nl) wrote: Can I trade one of my freebies for this movie? LIPSTICK?

Tommy H (nl) wrote: A movie that proves less is more. This is a really good bigfoot movie. Maybe the best. Sure there's a lot to complain about, but it has humor and some genuine scares. A scene that really stands out to me is the flashback scene where the family are having a picnic and they're attacked by the monster. Usually in movies like this you get a POV shot or it's filmed at night, but having the monster attack in a setting that seems safe makes the scene more scary. There's a lot of humor, too. It's good when movies like this don't take themselves too seriously. My only complaint is the ending leaves you wanting more.

Art S (nl) wrote: Early film noir from Anthony Mann that contains some great moments (for example, a swinging overhead light that alternatingly reveals the bad guys and casts them into darkness) although the happy ending shakes off a bit too much of the desperation that a fully-fledged noir would leave intact. Typical of the genre, Mann places the innocent hero into a tough position, caught between the cops and the gang, and having to flee with his pregnant wife from both. En route to the conclusion, things get rather picaresque but Raymond Burr, the chief heavy, keeps coming and coming. It's not clear whether our hero did anything wrong (in needing to make money so badly) or whether it's just the fickle finger of fate that laid in wait for returning servicemen of all moral persuasions - but this guy doesn't deserve the things that happen to him. Mann would go on to make a few more, darker, noirs and then a string of really great dark westerns with a morally ambiguous Jimmy Stewart.

Milos M (ca) wrote: Fine, little, charming and light-hearted crime-comedy from Mr.Scott.