Shadowing the Third Man

Shadowing the Third Man

Documentary about the production of The Third Man (1949).

Documentary about the production of The Third Man (1949). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kaleb S (ca) wrote: Solid spy movie. Definitely not from the same vein as the 007 franchise as far as action goes, but this film keeps a fast pace, and features an incredible cast.

Wan K (de) wrote: Good Idea + Good Acting. Maybe the best low-budget movie ever.

Cheryl C (es) wrote: Slow and sweet. While not earth-shattering, the quiet moments are powerful, and the story is lovely and heartbreaking. Clarkson is excellent, and Siddiq (who apparently is also in Star Wars) is also very affecting.

Jamie H (de) wrote: maddness is brilliance and beauty rolled into one stimulating package

Stuart W (nl) wrote: My number two favourite movie of all time. This has humour,a ethical dilemma and brill cast. Tom Conti did it on Broadway before the movie.

Richard L (de) wrote: City that never sleeps is a black and white film noir movie taking place in Chicago with ambivalent characters and dark settings. All the events depicted in the movie happen in one day. A few characters are at a turning point in their life and, althought they are only loosely tied to each other, everything is about to change for everyone. The story is simple and straightforward but slow to take off. There are a few unexpected twists that make the movie much more interesting than it looks half an hour through. The rhythm and dialogues are slower than usual in film noir movies. Also, the sound and picture quality is fair, and the acting is uneven amongst actors, but overall it is worth watching for the film noir genre amateurs.

Mark S (mx) wrote: The first film by Ozu that I've seen. I really liked the gentle world of the film, which is full of nice people who are considerate and care for each other's well being. The pace is very slow but it gives the audience time to get to know the lead characters and feel how their worlds are changing. I found the self-sacrifice on display very moving and the tenderness of the writing, direction and performances makes the film memorable.

Ryan C (de) wrote: Bloody and intense, "Black Hawk Down" delivers a captivating war movie based on true events of U.S. military involvement in Somalia at the hand of the immensely talented director, Ridley Scott.

Jayakrishnan R (ca) wrote: 85%Saw this on 18/6/15Although superbly acted, this film from Frank Capra isn't even half as good as his 1946 film It's a wonderful life. The comedy is alright, but since it may have been copied and inspired by many it simply has a been there seen that feeling. Anyway, for an old film, this is pretty good. The stars have chemistry and the film in generally has a slight feel to it.

Lucas M (mx) wrote: High fashion doesn't overshadow the film's intriguing premise, powerful performance by Meryl Streep, nor the top notch writing.