Cassavetes' jazz-scored improvisational film explores interracial friendships and relationships in Beat-Era (1950s) New York City.

Cassavetes' jazz-scored improvisational film explores interracial friendships and relationships in Beat-Era (1950s) New York City. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Shadows torrent reviews

Hoan L (mx) wrote: Emotional. The ending is not done well, though

Amirul H (nl) wrote: a pleasant movie to be watched, great acting on Jennifer Connelly

Jason D (br) wrote: I am a fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt but I really feel like this was NOT one of his best performances. I felt no energy in this movie. From the plot, the actors, the writing, it was all just so dull. The whole thing was just very mediocre.I think I didn't find this movie was supposed to be funny, but I didn't even laugh once. I do think the film could have had a lot of potential, I just didn't feel like the film-makers put enough effort on this.

Dave M (mx) wrote: This looks interesting. Though maybe because it has the same title as my favourite Louis Andriessen piece.

Marshall L (fr) wrote: For a reboot (remake) this film shows just as much style and energy as the original. There's no real resolution to it (maybe it was intended to start a franchise?) but it blew the doors off everything else that was out that year. the one thing that's missing is that it's not a buddy movie. There's too much plot and too much squinting for that. Still, it's a great way to kill a Saturday afternoon.

CB M (de) wrote: Devout to its journey's cause thanks to superb lead performances and a wonderful screenplay by Payne and Jim Taylor, Sideways is just like an excellent pinot: rich in many wonderful flavours, capturing middle-life's joyful highs and painful lows.

Dan G (br) wrote: bad movie. I knew I recognized the black guy from somewhere "Yo, y'all *nwords act tough like Bokeem Woodbine / Until you get slapped like Penny from Good Times", the russian chick was fine in the movie though.

RiP M (fr) wrote: Splashy portrait of the legendary diva, with a majestic performance by Fanny Ardant, but lesser than its stage counterpart, "Master Class".

Philip O (kr) wrote: Probably the most interesting/nastiest docu-short I've ever seen.

Stanley C (ag) wrote: The plot is entirely as juvenile as was the audience for the TV Show's golden old episodes, yet works well especially by the live-action climatic ending of the film which should have been longer and Plankton able to escape his cliche role as a villain so that he can get to a new height of characterization in this specially-theatrical released SpongeBob story, serving that this movie can do better than the show's lackluster episodes post-2004, although it still lacks the same irony and constructive plot lines that colored the older episodes of the show.

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