Because of her last name "Kumada" (bear + rice paddy) and her appearance, Misa's high school classmates call her "Pooh" disparagingly. She obviously has no friends and can only let down her guard around her pet parrot and the goldfish in the science room at school. But, then she finds herself quickly becoming best friends with Izumi who is a cute and popular classmates. Although somewhat puzzled by Izumi's interest in her, Misa is excited about having a friend for the first time ever. But, Izumi's initial angelic demeanor gradually transforms into a demonic one.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Shady 2012 full movies, Shady torrents movie

Because of her last name "Kumada" (bear + rice paddy) and her appearance, Misa's high school classmates call her "Pooh" disparagingly. She obviously has no friends and can only let down her... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark W (au) wrote: Boogeyman 3 may have been more entertaining than the first Boogeyman, but it took a step down from it's predecessor. The movie was slightly more creative than the previous entry in the sense that It combined the slasher style elements and also placed more focus on the supernatural elements like the first. It also felt like 'Urban Legend' provided some inspiration.

Melinda T (es) wrote: I fell asleep watching this movie

explodingboy1989 (ag) wrote: Twisted, fun documentary about the "cowboy cupid." The absurdity and overblown personality of the subject matter and his obliviousness to it is a large part of what makes this film work. A true classic.

Rab H (jp) wrote: stands up well to repeat viewings.

Tim B (mx) wrote: Yes I lucked out completely when it came to finding rare Special Edition DVDs of both The Stepfather and Stepfather 2 at two different locations within the same month. Having just come off the original Stepfather film, which I adored, it didn't take me long before I decided to sit down with Part 2. This one doesn't come close to what I got from the first one but I still enjoyed myself with it in its own approach. This one definitely had more violence than its forefather. However, it wasn't graphic which I appreciated. The character of the Stepfather also gets a lot more to work with as we see him go through many different shenanigans this time around. It was nice to see his character expand a bit more. He gets a few father/son bonding scenes and deals with a new woman who isn't as perfect as she seems. The finale was full on suspense and action, which was fun and great ending to this type of flick. I can see my wedding turning out the same way (over the top? meh...). Jeff Burr is a lot more stylish with this entry. The lighting is colorful and the angles are more whacked. It doesn't have that same, gritty feel as the first but there's no harm done with experimenting. It's good. Terry O'Quinn has a bit more to do here and seems more enthusiastic about ridding peeps here. He's as epic as ever. Meg Foster has a soft spoken voice and ridiculously hypnotizing eyes. She was excellent in the role. Caroline Williams plays a nosy bitch and I really don't care in spoiling this when I say she dies a great death. Jonathan Brandis does a great job as the kid. RIP duder. On the downside, the pacing was here and there. When it came to an scenes with the Stepfather it was on but when it was anything to do with the side characters I tended to get bored quickly. Speaking of which, a lot of the characters were not that likeable and were obviously there to get killed off eventually. Boy, did I love it when they did. Lastly, Stepfather is still cool and all but here he does get shades of the 'Freddy Syndrome' where he yells a lot of one liners ('MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY!' ...Shut up!) and the rants he has here seem more hilarious than anything. But all in all, I still had a fun time with this one and jacked it up half a star. If you want a true horror classic, see the original Stepfather. But if you're looking for a fun times fix with some good actors and fun scenarios, this is definitely worth checking out.

Private U (gb) wrote: Watch this. It's better than you would expect a guy just sitting at a table would be.

Private U (jp) wrote: I read the book, and seeing as this was during the time when Sly was still a SEXY BEAST, I would love to see it.

Scott C (ca) wrote: I think I might like this better today. It's totally my cup of tea subject wise, but at the time I saw it, I found it far too slow moving.

Marat P (kr) wrote: Mostly brilliant and perverse story about tradition vs. progress. It's extremely dry and with no chance of empathy towards the characters though.

John Y (de) wrote: A great, fun old western, which is everything that I love about this old genre.

Carla P (gb) wrote: Did I miss something here?

Kevin P (ru) wrote: Een slappe en misleidende actie thriller waarvan je zou denken dat het een ''Die Hard'' achtige vibe zou hebben, maar op het einde flink teleurstelt als er niks echt gebeurd.