Geeta (Waheeda Rehman) and Madan (Kamaljit) are in love with each other and want to marry. They meet each other's parents and subject to the matching of their astrological charts, their ...

Geeta (Waheeda Rehman) and Madan (Kamaljit) are in love with each other and want to marry. They meet each other's parents and subject to the matching of their astrological charts, their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shagoon torrent reviews

(ru) wrote: Thailand has put into the film, we waited. Please mind the fact that they're all out to Thailand, we do not see a lot of the best cartoons.

Allan C (ca) wrote: The original film had a scrappy originality to it, but this sequel feels overblown, self serious and pretty typical. The special effects are still good and equal to the original, but that's all there really is to recommend. Meh.

Jose Miguel G (au) wrote: A disturbingly poetic and unsettling premise. Almodovar crafts another great film, with a superb take on psychology of obsession and degeneration, along great performances, well structured pacing and unique score, all for the making of a truly original Thriller.

Jaime V (gb) wrote: Devilishly cute. The movie never tries to be more then what it is. Which is just a quirky love story done in the molds of 90's independent films. Movie lovers will love and maybe not to many more. Lucy Liu was remarkably fresh, while Cillian was notably not notable. The Crying baseball scene was pure quirky genius.

I dont know w (ru) wrote: Roger Ebert called it overlooked, so I'll watch it.

Marta K (kr) wrote: Family ties, tradition and convenance are... still stronger than true love. Against the American hollywood stereotype. The movie shows how individuals feel safer in their own close- knitted communities, even not accepting the rules that govern them, they are not willing to risk this security, even for the price of happiness, forgetting that no choice will be perfect, or will remove hardships. Even happiness has tobe worked for.Israeli Shahrukh Khan Lior Ashkenazi in an internal stuggle to please everyone, except for himslef.

Becca B (au) wrote: I liked this film. C'mon, De Niro, PSH, what's not to like. To the critics and to the audience (who usually has better taste than the critics) in the words of Cartman, "Screw you guys!" The film is entertaining. Whadya want from a film, but to be entertained?

Amanda W (ca) wrote: Watchable, the extra half star is for the awesome soundtrack

Sam M (ru) wrote: Continues with around the same kind of humour but not really failing as much as people think, just a little.

Lynanne (au) wrote: I love it when Herna says " I'm a Lord ,I'm a Lord!"

Nannina G (us) wrote: Katherine Hepburn has never been sexier than as Tess Harding, a brilliant political columnist in a New York newspaper during WWII. She is confident, intelligent and enchanting, and you can see why Spencer Tracy's Sam Craig falls almost instantly for her. The movie has delightful screwball comedy moments especially in the first hour, but melodrama drags it down two thirds of the way through. Still it is a fascinating and entertaining battle of the sexes. Hepburn and Tracy's chemistry veritably sizzles.Beware Spoilers lie below. I'm warning you, I'll be dealing directly with the ending because the movie has been accused of sexism, an assessment I entirely disagree with. "Woman of the Year" is progressive and honest and I don't mean any of that "for its time" crap, I mean for our time too. Tess Harding is a career woman, the best there is at her job, I don't think I've seen a modern movie that has shown a sexier more in control one. She also can be selfish and headstrong, but she loves Sam, and Sam loves her for who she is. He doesn't want to tie her down, but what he does want is compromise. This movie tells us that marriage is work (a subject that Hollywood likes to ignore, it either is supposed to be bliss or a hell to be escaped), and that one member of a marriage can't steamroll over the other, regardless of sex. At the end of the movie Tess tries to win Sam back by proving to him that she can be the perfect housewife. It is only at this point that Sam says that he's disappointed in her. He doesn't want her to be just Mrs. Craig any more than he wants her to be just Tess Harding - he wants her to be Tess Harding Craig, the implication being that he wants her to continue her career (that after all was the woman he fell in love with), but perhaps he can be more important from time to time than a battleship christening. The fact that this ending has been widely criticized as sexist shows how scared people are of seeing compromise, and how quick people are to look down on previous generations in order to say how far we've come. I'm sorry but if anyone thinks that "How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days" or "No Strings Attached" is more progressive or feminist than "Woman of the Year" I'll have to throttle them. "Woman of the Year" says that a feminist might actually want to both have a career and a family, that marriage might be work, and that in the end neither of these facts are bad things. That takes guts. Try to find a similar message in a modern RomCom. I dare you.

Julian H (it) wrote: What Dreams May Come is one of my favorite movies starring Robin Wiliams. I just saw it again on tv a few days ago so i thought I'd post a review. Overall, it's imaginative, emotional, philosophical, and visually stunning. While it's themes may turn some away, it's a great ride for those with open minds and big hearts.

Eric T (kr) wrote: I enjoyed this a lot. Very funny and had a TON really great actors in it that I was not expecting to see.