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Stephen G (ag) wrote: Goodbye Solo is a masterful, emotionally engaging character study, with two great central performances to back up the stellar writing and direction,,,It's a beautiful, poetic, and deeply moving character-driven drama that should not be missed.

Joe B (ca) wrote: this might be my favorite movie of all time

Karsh D (jp) wrote: English translation - To Let - House viewing goes wrong for this spanish couple as they quickly discover that the somewhat pushy estate agent is a mad lady with a family fetish!! This is another quality spanish chiller and if you didn't know already this film will show how dangerous a waste disposal unit can be if you stick your hand down it!!

Grayson W (ag) wrote: I feel that everyone can relate a bit to Lucas at one time in their childhood. Was a very endearing and entertaining movie. Very young Corey haim, wynona Ryder and Charlie sheen.

Allan C (mx) wrote: Real-life couple Jean Harlow and William Powell do have chemistry and on-screen sparks, but the hokey story they're saddled with is pretty uninvolving. The film has a grand Hollywood cast, excellent production values and big musical numbers, the script, by David O. Selznick ended up making this one of Harlow's few flops.

Simon C (jp) wrote: Lots of marching. Kinda boring.

Terry R (mx) wrote: movie could of been better, good cast but very troubled characters, Jason Ritter as always was great

Paul D (mx) wrote: A weak looking action film from Van Damme that only mildly entertains.

Brad S (br) wrote: This one was a bit of a surprise. it wasn't great, but entertaining enough, and I hadn't seen a story quite like this. Give it a try.