Shallow Ground

Shallow Ground

A naked teenage boy covered in blood appears at a remote sheriff's station one year after the brutal unsolved murder of a local girl. Now Sheriff Jack Shepherd, guilt ridden over the girl's murder, must confront his own demons as he desperately searches for the boy's true identity and possible victims. Little does Jack realize that he has started down a path that will bring him face to face with an unthinkable horror. Before sunrise the living will pay for the pain the dead have suffered.

One year after the murder of a local girl that remains a mystery, a naked teenage boy drenched in blood appears at an old abandoned sheriff's station. Sheriff Jack Shepherd whose guilt over failing to save the girl, suspects that the boy's true identity must have something to do with the painful event one year ago... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William P (us) wrote: Great cartOOn mOvie!! EnjOyed it very much!!

Ben K (gb) wrote: If you loved the show, you will love the movie. I was a bit disappointed with the ending though...

Jolie L (br) wrote: Some of the stories were boring, others were good, the first one was just odd. Entertaining enough as a whole.

Kristi M (ag) wrote: Factotum- These are they Days of our Lives.....the semi functional alcoholic episodes

Jack P (jp) wrote: An entertaining action film which gets more outrageous as the film progresses. Jet Li and DMX play their on screen partnership well, many explosions, fight scenes and many funny moments. This was a great action film to just sit back and relax to.

Christine B (au) wrote: This was a very positive attempt at black comedy but they just didn't quite pull it off. It's incredibly silly but has some charming moments. I had to watch it because Craig Ferguson's in it, that's my excuse! But I also love Harry Connick Jr. and if you do, it will be worth your time to rent it. SJP will never be known as a serious actress if she keeps this up, that's for sure.

Michael S (nl) wrote: Definitely a cool movie, but it pales in comparison to the 6 part series.

Doctor S (de) wrote: 'Royal Flash' Shows Spark Another slow starter, and with a treadbare plot, but still provides enough entertainment to forgive its flaws. Who wouldn't enjoy a roguish Malcolm McDowell attempting to impersonate a German duke against his will after being kidnapped by a sinister Oliver Reed? Highlight is a side-splitting attempted rescue of the real duke held prisoner in a castle dungeon which includes a memorable comedic swordfight in the spirit of the Elwes vs. Patinkin throwdown later exhibited in The Princess Bride.

Martin T (ru) wrote: Pasolini pushing buttons again, but this is far better than the sledgehammer of Salo. Much is left up to interpretation, and we're never certain if the stranger is a force of good or evil, but there definitely seems to be some Bunuel-esque skewering of both the upper classes and Catholicism. It's an intriguing piece that's thoughtful and funny (and with a terrific Morricone score)... maybe a little obvious at times, but still engaging. Possibly an influence on Miike's Visitor Q.

Ryan G (fr) wrote: One of Chaplin's best. Loved the direction too.

Nicole T (fr) wrote: I still can't believe they made this movie. Just...the concept...amazing.

Johnny N (ag) wrote: seen twice now, as interesting as the first time. Shamless portrail of real life sad events.